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Recent DMV Reviews

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I had to renew my drivers license. I went to the Corsicana. TX location and was helped by Nikki. She was very cordial and informative. When I had to go home to get my passport, she said to come right back and she would help me without having to wait in line. As soon as I walked back in the door, she was ready to assist me. This was the most pleasant experience I've had with renewing a license.
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When we arrive, there is a line full of people that have been there for hours. Gray headed lady came out. She spoke with the accent, and she asked who was in the line to take a drivers test? She told them would have to leave and return another day. That the other instructor fell ill, and home. It left the with two people running the operation. It’s the way she said everything, she was rude and disrespectful.
Once in the office, a young man was in front of me. He explained he was renewing is license. She told him to walk around the side and come to the side of her desk. She was rude from the jump. She said,” what do you want? Do you have an email? He replied yes. She said get it! He gave her a look, like what’s your problem. He didn’t say it, but I thinking it myself. He pulls up the email and says okay! She replied how in the heck am supposed to read it in your hands. He replied you are rude and disrespectful. She said, Ino you’re being disrespectful. He said, no I was waiting for guidance, I don’t know what to do. She said politician., I don’t have to serve you and send you away. He said no, you started this outside with your additude. He put the phone on the desk, she looked at the email. And told him to wait in his car until farther notice. When he dish that mess back to her, she couldn’t handle it and got mad. She saw how I was looking at her while the back and forth went on.
When she addressed me, she acted like she had some sense. I wasn’t having it. While they were back and forth the lady from booth 1, came and stood be side her like she was going to jump him.
Another lady took the desk later, she was just as bad useless. No customer service what so ever. Truly disgusting, if the approach don’t like there jobs…go get another one. Clayton NC.
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DMV Customer
It was the smoothest encounter I have ever had with any DMV! Everything went smoothly, it was a calm environment!
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I was told I needed proof of insurance for the previous owner. Otherwise no tag could be issued. Previous owners tag was being transferred to another car. This can't be correct! Had proof of coverage for new owner. Made the 3 hour wait painful. Last station on right was polite but wrong. Required another 3 hour wait.if
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i wish you weren't moving it hard on old people to go so far across town
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My appointment was at 11am and got in right away. My agent was at #12, she was very pleasant, helpful and my transaction was finished in about 15 minutes.
Thank you
Bruce Beck
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I have not visited any DMV office. I have tried setting up an appt on line & thru phone calls. Get no where with the online stuff… calls t the local office are never answered, just get disconnected. There is no customer service offered