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West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of:

  • West Virginia Driver's licenses
  • West Virginia ID Cards
  • West Virginia Permits
  • West Virginia License Plates
  • West Virginia Titles
  • West Virginia Vehicle Registrations

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Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
This WV. D.M.V. is a three ring circus included numerous people how give different responses to paper work and items that you need to provide . Next I have taken off from work and made numerous trips and they also say I need something extra that they did not bring up before . The hours are only Monday - Friday so people that have a real job and work hard for there money unlike DMV employees have to take off from work . I have lived in other states and those Dmvs are open on Saturdays .
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The female person doing the driving portion of the licensing test is VERY rude! She does nothing to put the teenage students at ease or try to make the testing environment more comfortable. We need government employees to be more helpful. Our tax dollars pay their salaries.
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The people working were friendly and helpful. Everyone was wearing masks and social distancing was enforced so I felt safe. All of my questions were easily answered and left with more knowledge than I went in with. I can honestly say I had zero issues finding this place, getting in and out, or anything. I hope that future visits will be just as easy and and "in and out".
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The COVID procedures were in place. The staff was helpful but not very friendly. There was plenty of parking. The wait was actually less than I had anticipated. My tip would be to make sure you put in the appointment exactly what you are planning to take care of. They won't let you add any extra transactions that weren't previously scheduled.