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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of:

  • Wisconsin Driver's licenses
  • Wisconsin ID Cards
  • Wisconsin Permits
  • Wisconsin License Plates
  • Wisconsin Titles
  • Wisconsin Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Wisconsin DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user jodiewise
Super nice people at the Janesville DMV.. Transaction for renewal of license was very efficient and professionally done. KUDOS to employees working here!
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Our visit to the Whitehall DMV was good. Everyone was very friendly. The website however was very difficult to navigate. We wanted to know if we needed an appointment but were unable to get that information.
Profile picture for user jodiewise
I emailed to find out if I could get a new picture for my license(renewal). I never heard from anyone at all. No response. I have also tried to call to inquire about this issue. I can't seem to reach a real person. This is problematic. I would like an answer to my question please.
Profile picture for user amandahadfield
Seriously I hate this location....they have been rude and there is always something wrong with our paperwork!! If you don't like your job please leave and find someplace else to work!! ) zero stars given!! Do NOT recommend!!
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DMV Customer
This WI DOT is the biggest waste of time I have had all year. Simply trying to get a damn usable phone number to call and ask a damn question about service available at the Chilton DMV, and there isn't a phone number listed so you can call them. But the number listed for some private company the DOT Paid to deal with calls, 1(608) 264-7447 and they can't answer any questions cuz they aren't the Wisconsin DMV just a contractor. How stupid is that? This Build back better BS isn't working folks.