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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of:

  • Wisconsin Driver's licenses
  • Wisconsin ID Cards
  • Wisconsin Permits
  • Wisconsin License Plates
  • Wisconsin Titles
  • Wisconsin Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Wisconsin DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
This WI DOT is the biggest waste of time I have had all year. Simply trying to get a damn usable phone number to call and ask a damn question about service available at the Chilton DMV, and there isn't a phone number listed so you can call them. But the number listed for some private company the DOT Paid to deal with calls, 1(608) 264-7447 and they can't answer any questions cuz they aren't the Wisconsin DMV just a contractor. How stupid is that? This Build back better BS isn't working folks.
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My car was stolen and I had just moved from out of state. I needed a new license, license plates, and registration. Sonia was incredibly helpful, kind, compassionate and patient but efficient. I was so impressed with her as well as all the staff there. I experienced no stress or negativity, which I think is pretty rare for a DMV.
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I had an appointment to renew my drivers license. Made sure I had all the correct paperwork. Short wait in line, literally in and out in less than 10 min. So unexpected compared to the old days of waiting and waiting.
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I was able to get done in record time with renewing my driver's license. The new layout of the West Bend DMV is more functional and easier to understand what to do and how. Less than 15 minutes.
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DMV Customer
They spelled my name wrong on my license! It was spelled correctly on every piece of documentation I gave them. No excuse for this incompetence.