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New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Safety (DOS), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of:

  • New Hampshire Driver's licenses
  • New Hampshire ID Cards
  • New Hampshire Permits
  • New Hampshire License Plates
  • New Hampshire Titles
  • New Hampshire Vehicle Registrations

Motor Vehicle Registrations and Titling must begin at the town or city clerk in the town or city in which you reside. The second part of the process can be done on occasion at the same town clerk office. Please contact your clerk to find out.

Learn How to Make an appointment with the New Hampshire DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
I didn’t make an appointment because the first available was 7 days away. I had to wait 2 hours and 34 minutes for a name change on my license, something that took 5 minutes when my number was called. They may have been seriously understaffed. Make an appointment if you can. If you can’t wait, bring a book or work to keep you occupied.
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The covid procedures seemed good - people were following the mask rules and generally spread out. Parking is fine, easy enough to get there. I did not have any problems competing the license transfer.

Scheduling on the website was kind of a pain in the ass. The initial scheduling was fine, but when I needed to reschedule, the website just spun a loading indicator indefinitely, and then I had to call on the phone which had a 26 person wait list. So make sure you are super certain you won't have to reschedule.
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Don't go in until right before appt, wear a mask as everyone has to, parking is right out front, people were very nice. You have to take a number for your agent which is called quickly. The front desk makes sure you have an appt.
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Parking is plentiful at this location and Covid protocols are strictly followed. They don't accept walkins, make sure to have an appointment. Have your paperwork done as much as possible before arriving. Download all forms at home and be ready
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The staff was very helpful and got me in and out. The practiced safe COVID-19 safety protocols, and were very respectful in doing so. Everything seemed safe and sanitary. They were able to process my renewal of my license without any issue, and did so quite quickly.