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The Utah Department of Public Safety (SDOPS), Driver License Division (DLD) oversees the functions of:

  • Utah Driver's licenses
  • Utah ID Cards
  • Utah License Plates

The Utah State Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees the functions of:

  • Utah Permits
  • Utah Titles
  • Utah Vehicle Registrations

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Recent DLD Reviews

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Plenty of free parking which was great, but very understaffed so took substantially longer than I would have anticipated. Staff was cordial but seemed like they were ready to leave as it was close to the end of business hours.
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Not too crowded and it is one of the quickest turnaround times I have experienced at a DMV.
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This DMV location is in South Salt Lake's industrial district and is fairly easy to find with adequate parking. The COVID procedures were clear and followed state guidelines. The interior was the cleanest I have ever seen and the appointment making process was simple to do via the DMV website for the state of Utah. Upon entry all visitors stop at an information desk to state the reason of their visit and the staff member ensures that all of their documents are in order before they sit and wait for their number to be called. The seating area is clean, chairs were socially distanced, and there were plenty of hand sanitizer stations handy.
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Renewing my drivers license and updating contact information was simple and easy to do at this office. Parking is ample and the building is easy to find since signage is well posted. The staff are helpful and there is an information desk just inside the front door for directions and assistance. The wait time was minimal since I had an appointment and my task didn't take very long. The Covid procedures were suitable and social distancing measures were in place. Chairs were given plenty of space so strangers could have room between them and the area was very clean. Hand sanitizing stations were placed throughout the building and near the entrance and exit.
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The staff at this location was very helpful. They kept me informed on where I needed to go, what information I needed to fill out, etc. I had an appointment in the afternoon so I thought I might have to wait a little while, but the whole process moved really fast. There are COVID procedures in place, but they weren't being enforced with customers.