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Texas DMV/DPS Locations & Reviews

The Texas Department of Safety (DOS) oversees the functions of:

  • Texas Driver's licenses
  • Texas ID Cards
  • Texas License Plates

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), oversees the functions of:

  • Texas Permits
  • Texas Titles
  • Texas Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Texas DPS.

How to make an appointment for Texas DMV Services

Recent DPS Reviews

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I had to renew my drivers license. I went to the Corsicana. TX location and was helped by Nikki. She was very cordial and informative. When I had to go home to get my passport, she said to come right back and she would help me without having to wait in line. As soon as I walked back in the door, she was ready to assist me. This was the most pleasant experience I've had with renewing a license.
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This office is a complete joke. You had my 89 year old dad chasing all over Van Zandt county this morning. He gets there for his appointment and you sent him to the courthouse in Canton to obtain a NEW copy of his birth certificate when he had documented paperwork that showed the name change on his birth certificate. So he gets that and goes back to this location and then you sent him home to get a copy of his military discharge paper and come back at 1:00. What in the world does being in the military have to do with renewing his drivers license. My dad is the primary caregiver for my mom who is home on hospice. You have wasted all of his morning and now he has to go back so you have wasted part of his afternoon. This is the worst experience ever and the person assisting him was awful. Please be more considerate of your senior adults that come in for assistance. Clearly he needs training on dealing with senior citizens.
Profile picture for user dana
Mr. Curtis Russell was very courteous, friendly and most of all helpful!! He seemed to care about our situation and in the end solved our issue. I will be using this location exclusively from now on, thanks to Mr. Russell!!!
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I drove here from Arlington which is 1.5 hr. drive to get my daughters first D.L. The office ladies were beyond rude, acted as if we were incompetent fools interrupting their day. I even had everything and tried to make small talk to all 3 ladies in office saying we drove 1.5 hrs. one way, they then just all looked at me and did not say a word. Thing that got me was when my daughters and I first walked in and got 1 page app. handed to us on clipboard we were told to take it to car and fill it out. This bothered me as there was not one other customer in building and I have never ever before been TOLD to take to car and fill out, but I kept mouth shut and told my girls come on as they thought it was really weird too. I just wanted to get D.L. and be done. The 3 ladies sitting in desk just stared at us and looked bothered. My daughter even looked at me and said, "Hey mom" and pointed to sign on other side of counter that said DO NOT LEAN ON COUNTER, she knew to tell me as I had elbow on counter and she did not want me to get upset when and if ladies said something to me or my other daughter about leaning on counter, funny how your kids know u soo well. Anyhow I have never written a review and saw other ones with similar experiences, even one lady suggesting they were racist as I could only imagine how she felt that way, but that is not the case as they are this way with everyone even people who look like them. Pathetic how they treat people. I told my husband after leaving how rude and horrid the staff was and how it really made me mad after the fact and he even said where y'all being loud or something? I said, "no it was not us, they were just mean as hell for no reason."

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