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The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees the function of:

  • Oklahoma Driver's licenses
  • Oklahoma ID Cards
  • Oklahoma Permits

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees the function of:

  • Oklahoma License Plates
  • Oklahoma Titles
  • Oklahoma Vehicle Registrations

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Recent DPS Reviews

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I read all the bad reviews before taking my son to get his permit yesterday. He failed his first attempt so we had to go back this morning. Both times we were there the customer service given was fantastic. All the workers were very friendly and kind even when a gentleman got frustrated with his own lack of planning and got sassy. Very impressed with this DMV. I hope to never return to one but if I do I’ll make the drive to Muskogee again.
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DMV Customer
Being 1 of 3 locations that offer the writen and driving test on site, at least you can try both in same day.