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The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (MDOT) oversees the functions of:

  • Massachusetts Driver's licenses
  • Massachusetts ID Cards
  • Massachusetts License Plates
  • Massachusetts Driving Permits
  • Massachusetts Automotive Titles
  • Massachusetts Vehicle Registrations

Learn how to make an appointment with the Massachusetts RMV.

Recent RMV Reviews

Profile picture for user irenehgordon
I had changed my address in August 2023. I was supposed to be sent the registration renewal by mail. I should have receive it by mail USPS in September. I never
received the paperwork. I forgot about it. I thought it was for October/November. It’s the RMV MISTAKE. I’m disabled. Now I have to go to Braintree and pay for a New Registration in the freezing cold. I do not have the money to pay for a new registration. And they had all this information and I don’t understand why they email it to me. And I went online for this.
Profile picture for user dianneyurkavich
Great experience. Helpful and very friendly. Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Profile picture for user juliacrosby
It was a horrible experience. I went to renew my license and was told I needed a marriage certificate to have my proper name. I have had this name for 38 years. It was on my social security card, mortgage bill, passport and old license. She proceeded to give me a temporary with my maiden name which I haven't been since 1985. A new license came with my maiden name as well. It changed my car registration as well. Was applying for a car loan at the time and this caused a nightmare.
Profile picture for user christianwannamaker
The Chicopee dmv is closed to public but say open online I walked there to get license taken care of doors closed 🤨
Profile picture for user paulsylvia
My sixteen year old grandson applied for a learners permit test. Upon talking with the representative at the window we were told that a proof of guardianship was required before the process could be completed. A guardian or parent signature is the only Requirement on the application . Why is proof of guardianship required when you get there and not listed as a required documentation anywhere in the list of the approved documentation forms? I explained that I was the guardian but was told I had to show it proof. There is no requirement for this proof on any of the application process directions. Please let me know the results of this inquiry. Thank you