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The Idaho Department of Transportation (IDOT), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has two separate offices that oversee different functions:

Driver Services Division handles the following:

  • Idaho Driver's licenses
  • Idaho Driver's License Renewals
  • Idaho ID Cards
  • Idaho Permits

Vehicle Services Division handles the following:

  • Idaho License Plates
  • Idaho Titles
  • state:name] Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Idaho DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
You pretty much have to make an appt and research their website in advance for all materials you should bring in. Having done that, I've never been in-and-out of a DMV so fast.
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DMV Customer
basically impossible to figure out online how long one must wait to get a registration for a purchased vehicle. Law states I must do this within 3 days. First appointment I can get is two weeks from now. When I go to the office, can't get an appointment as there are too many people in front of me even though I showed up before opening time. Seems as though they have created a non-functional situation for us.
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The ADA County DMV is so good, it's hard to call them a DMV, with everything that THAT usually entails! A hidden gem, so shhhh - don't tell anybody!
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Was there for concealed weapons permit. Only one other guy ahead of me. Would have gone faster, but the lady there was training another.
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The location is easy to find when registering your vehicle. The line is very long so getting there in the early hours is beneficial. The staff stays helpful and kind even when the line is busy and out the door. Have all of your paperwork such as your car title and bill of sale when registering your vehicle. Be prepared to pay state sales tax on your vehicle if your purchased it out of state.