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Recent reviews

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Service at this location for a driver's permit was quick, efficient and polite. We came prepared, and the whole process took about 10 minutes.
Profile picture for user teresamccartney
The personnel at this location were so nice, this was the best experience I have ever received at a DMV office. Thank you, Susy, for making my day! You are the best!
Profile picture for user rickl
Yesterday I accompanied my wife to the Oakland MV. She walks with a cane and needed assistance. She was getting a license renewal and a 6-point ID. We were doing very well until we got to the ID check. When we were motioned up to the window I knew we were in trouble by the expression of hate from the woman behind the window. She checked my wifes 71 yr old birth certificate and noticed a little see through scotch tape on the back, not the front and not blocking anything of importance. She said its not acceptable. Then she called somone on the phone and I heard her say "a lot" where there was just a little. She repeated it was unacceptable and I calmly stated to her that she was being unreasonable for not accepting what we gave her. All the while with this expression of hate. Then she loudly called the security guy over who was very civil and polite and I could tell he was humouring her by holding open the door for me and asking me to wait outside. No problem I said until the woman behind the glass wanted something else from my wife. They then sent a supervisor out for me and brought me back in to give her something else that wasn't needed since they weren't going to give her the 6-point ID to begin with. It was just more harassment. I really feel we were reverse discriminated against based on our obvious race (white) and the hateful expression on her face. I know we can't be the first or 50th people who have had problem with this person in the middle window on 9/15/22 at about 3:30pm. We were really treated badly.