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Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user dottieremenar
I have not visited any DMV office. I have tried setting up an appt on line & thru phone calls. Get no where with the online stuff… calls t the local office are never answered, just get disconnected. There is no customer service offered
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DMV Customer
Unfortunately they are very backed up. They don't accept deeds or service address correspondence. I thought the supervisor was abrupt and rude!!
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DMV Customer
Very unclear instructions on how to renew a real license. When trying to schedule an appointment on line it tells me I already have a real license and won’t allow me to schedule. I tried to call and speak to someone. Takes 20 minutes and many menus just to arrange a call back.
Profile picture for user cornelcrabtree
In reservations only 2 options available for Title Services, of which neither pertained to me. I needed a new Tiltle issued without a lien holder listed. Maybe in the future?
Profile picture for user sarahtankersley
The environment you work in and your day is how YOU choose to make it. Holding in to what little faith I have left in humanity, I entered this BMV today and took note that I am definitely a number and not a person. I get that there is a system to keep things running smoothly as there should be, but would it hurt to smile or be friendly? Also for anyone who doesn’t know, you can sign in online for testing just found this out. Testing stops an hour prior to closing, even if you’ve waited for hours. There is no way to let anyone ahead of time know that you are there to test to get it out of the way while they are working with other people. All I did was ask and they kept cutting me off. Still a human being over.
Profile picture for user jeanjefferson
wait time on the phone is forever then they transfer you and you wait another hour so nobody ever answered the phone I think on the phone for almost 2 hours this is ridiculous and it said no wait time and then the phone keeps hanging up on you this was at 4:30 and then they called I called back and now they're sending their clothes it's not it's 4:43 it's not even 5:00 is the hour since 8:00 to 5:00 I think this is very disturbing when you have people trying to get information for handicap
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DMV Customer
I am a senior citizen, paralyzed from the waist down and must use a wheelchair for all mobility. I visited the Newton office at 51 Sparta Ave, Newton NJ yesterday, Thursday, February 23, 2024, to submit a required re-certification for my handicap placard. After parking in the handicap parking spot and getting into my manual wheelchair, I found that the wheelchair ramp adjacent to the handicap parking spot was piled high with snow rendering it inaccessible. Another visitor, who was using a cane, directed me to a ramp located in the active travel way at the side of the building. I encountered vehicular traffic in my attempt to use the that ramp, both from the DMV facility and the commercial business that shares the common access to Sparta Ave. Fortunately, drivers stopped to allow me to safely get to the side ramp and onto the sidewalk. Blocking access to the ramp located within the handicap parking space is dangerous, thoughtless, and a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. PLEASE notify the responsible authority at your local office and ensure that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Thank you.