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Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
The little lady that disrespected a number of customers during the day. A disgrace. She needs to be fired immediately. Even the persons she was training asked her to step out because was being so disrespectful to client after client. Think she was from the UK or somewhere else. Not a representation raleigh NC.
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Best Location. Great staff. Treated my 95 years old Mom with great respect. Staff very friendly helpful and courteous
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It was a horrible experience. I went to renew my license and was told I needed a marriage certificate to have my proper name. I have had this name for 38 years. It was on my social security card, mortgage bill, passport and old license. She proceeded to give me a temporary with my maiden name which I haven't been since 1985. A new license came with my maiden name as well. It changed my car registration as well. Was applying for a car loan at the time and this caused a nightmare.
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DMV Customer
I was amazed at what a great experience my visit went! Quick and friendly service. Best in my 55 years of driving!
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Clerk was very nice and knowlegeable about register and titling a car. She was very helpful and explained what I needed to complete my process.
I feel a need for public restrooms inside all the DMVs.Because sometimes you have wait little while.
Need bigger facilities at all locations.
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DMV Customer
They were super helpful and very pleasant.
Not the normal experience I’ve had at dmv’s
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Trying to schedule a drivers test on this website is like trying to open Pandora’s box. Simplify the process and have a working link or answer the phone!!
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DMV Customer
They were super helpful and very pleasant.
Not the normal experience I’ve had at dmv’s