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Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user suzanneconaway
Went last year to renew driver's license. LONG wait, surly clerk.

Went today to renew my car tags. What a difference! Alexis was courteous, cheerful and very helpful. I didn't have my insurance card. No worries. She looked it up. She took my email address so my next notification would be emailed to me. She was delightful! Too bad I have to wait two years to see her again!
Profile picture for user josephsellitti
Went for inspection April 2024. Fantastic! Quick, easy, super professional pleasant experience.
Profile picture for user sherpajimmy
The road test instructors are rude and not nice.
They act like DMV not paying them well everyone fails.
Profile picture for user irenevalenzuela
Today I was able to renew my license, submit my Real ID paperwork and renew my tags. It went smoothly and in good timing without an appointment but I did upload my information prior to my visit! Everyone was pleasant!
Profile picture for user bethguarienti
My experience to get a new Tennessee drivers license/Real ID was fairly simple after I finally got the correct documents gathered for my third attempt. I was able to make an appointment for a Friday (busier time) about 3 days ahead of time. When I entered the facility it was very crowded but once I used the QR code to check in I was called to a counter 10 minutes earlier than my actual appointment. The employee who helped me was very pleasant and helped me sign up for organ donation as well as registration to vote. She did ask me if I had filled out an application online before my appointment, but I don't remember that being an option, so maybe that needs to be made more clear? The entire process only took 20 minutes.
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DMV Customer
Never answers the phone calls
Profile picture for user ardiussimmons
Excellent work! For over a year I have been repeatedly turned away by the DMV, after waiting months for my appointment and not once has it had anything to do with obtaining an ID, or anything I have done wrong. So, I requsted a home service. The home service are suppose to assist those who cannot get service from the DMVvfor we whatever reason. So I explained my situation and waited for a response. The response was that I should schedule another appointment, 6 months away!!!!! This system is broken! If the state requires me to have an ID, wouldn't that imply a responsibility of the state to permit my being able to get an ID? Yes. Yes, it would. Yet, the state wants me to schedule anotherappointment. That would be the 4th time and I'm not going to do it! Screw the state! It needs me more than I need it! I challenge them to show me where I have ever asked for anything from them. I don't want anything except to be left alone. I don't work for you, I don't pledge allegiance to you, I don't vote for you, i don't trust you, I don't respect you, I have no hope for you! Until the whole operation is liquidated, sold for pennies on the dollar and given back to the people, all commercial transactions between the state and myself will hold my contractual terms and conditions superior because they are in common law, which is where I roam. On dry land. If you don't like it, why don't you jump ship and paddle over to tell me about it? It is a system built on fraud to help generate revenue in their fake economy. The same one that allows the US to afford 15 aircraft carriers floating all over the world and in places they have no busnieelss, while the ordinary individual can barely provide for himself, let alone his family. Henceforth, it is the state that needs to make an appointment with me because again, you need me more than I need you. If I'dont comply, you turn into color of law gangsters and telephone tough guys in an effort to intimidate me into giving you money. News flash! Thanks to the state, I don't have any money. So much for state protections! What a joke! I can't even get identification in this 3rd world bureaucracy. But if I had some money, I'd bet $1000 on them censoring my statement, which tells us all we really need to know. This is not OUR government at work here! They are imposter's and financial prostitutes of the limp wristed elite pimp bankers. I own nothing of yours aside from your official positions. We the people own those positions but until we take them back, you will continue to suck the life out of good people and I'm not having it! You know who i am! And I know who you are.i am not impressed or moved. Make an appointment to leave a rebuttal. Otherwise, we're done. . Pathetic! We'll done!
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DMV Customer
Horrible app abuses auto fill. Can't make second appointment for address change. Covid is OVER.