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Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user gailpatterson
Very UNPROFESSIONAL behavior.. Robin's disgraceful behavior caught ON CAMERA... her supervisors failure to check her attitude, all spell HORRIBLE service.
Fire them.
Profile picture for user micheledouglass
My license will expire on 7/20/24. I am flying to my home town and need to rent a car on 7/26. I was able apply for a new license on line however I learned it would take up to 60 days to receive. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to rent a car with an expired license I decided to go to the dmv in hopes to get one sooner, bad idea. When I arrived a person asked what I needed. I told him the situation and he said ok let me see if we can process you here. I registered at a keosk and went back into line as directed. 3.5 hours later my number is called and the woman who serviced me said that they don’t process licenses anymore and it takes as much time if done here as it does online. She seemed so inconvenienced. Most of the employees at the dmv seem absolutely miserable and they treat you as such. Her attitude was like I was an inconvenience and how did I not know this information. The gentlemen that first served me could have saved me a 3.5 hour wait by telling me it can take up to 60 days to receive a license regardless of where or how it’s processed. I remember the days when you could go to the dmv, still a long wait but walk out the door with what you came in for. 60 days to receive what I already have. It’s silly and I really don’t understand why. Thankfully l, I found a rental car company , Turo that will rent a car to you if you have a temporary license and photo ID.
Profile picture for user optioni
Please let Robin know that she does work for the public and that she should serve us respectfully or perhaps seek work in the private sector away from customer relations.
Profile picture for user jenimugler
The BEST DMV I have found!!! I have been coming here for over 6 years! I used to go to the one in Olivette but depending on the day depended on the service you got! The gals who work at this DMV are professional, knowledgeable and nice!! They even have a sense of humor!! I will never go anywhere else!!
Profile picture for user jenimugler
My normal DMV is located in Overland. They are friendly, professional, and have great customer service!! I can't say the same for the DMV in Clayton!! I WAS ACTUALLY WARNED ABOUT THE WOMAN AT THE FRONT DESK beforehand!! I had initially went to Overland to have my license renewed. After that I thought it would be a good idea to find out what it is going to cost me to get my tags renewed since they had lapsed. Since the Clayton office was so close, and I only had a question, I figured it would be all good! Man was I wrong!!!
I walked in, and the lady at the front desk motioned me forward. I explained to her that I just wanted a cost on renewing my tags since they lapsed. She immediately started telling me that I need an inspection.... she didn't even know what year car I was driving, and to just assume was insulting. I told her that I knew I needed to do that, I was just wanting to inquire of the cost for the tags. She then told me that they would have to look all that up. I let her know I understood that and that is why I am there. She then told me that I did not want to wait for that and just to come back when I was ready. I then explained to her that I cannot get ready until I know the cost! She then excused me and started again with the whole waiting time to find out. I let her know at that point I was warned about her, and she is the WORST thing the DMV could do having her the first point of contact! I will NEVER go back to that location again!!! She needs to be sent to Overland and taught customer service!!
Profile picture for user elizabethwaxstein
I am always baffled at how unprofessional many of the staff are, not to mention how unprofessionally most of them dress. We are told one thing by one person and then something completely different by another and when you say something they are rude about it and act as if you are just making stuff up. Evan at window 9 was so unpleasant because he wouldn’t listen to what we were saying before telling us what we had to do. But, even more rude was the testing proctor, who didn’t want to listen to us at all. I wonder if the staff is trained on ways to be rude. If they are the training worked! I’ve never been to a mandatory department where it is so blatantly obvious that everyone here hates their job.
Profile picture for user vincentsuparman
First comes first served. The waiting time to be called to the window was very reasonable, I did not feel like to wait for long time. I like this: "Please find any empty seat and listen carefully!"
Profile picture for user laurieryan
Reason for appointment: transfer of a Title/registration of a trailer under 90 pounds to my name
Documents I had; Original title from the dealership and the bill of sale

I had an 830 appointment on a Friday - I was checked in and given a number K015 at 8:37. By 10 o’clock they were on number K066 so I went to ask if someone could check what happened to my number. No one would help me. They said that an hour and a half wasn’t really a long way. By 1040 they were on K074 and no one that came in with me at 8:30 was left in the building. I asked the woman next to me what she was there she was there for Very same thing her appointment was 10 o’clock and she was leaving at 10:40. I once again went up and asked for help and was told there was nothing they could do so I left I had to get back to work. I rescheduled for Monday at 4 o’clock. I was in my car and on my way home by 4:19.

I don’t understand why someone couldn’t look on the computer and find out why my number had been bypassed. I’m sure it was a button that wasn’t pushed accidentally but no one would help. So I wasted almost 3 hours of my day for nothing and then had to drive back to Newton again on Monday.
Very poor customer service.
When I went back on Monday, the gentleman asked me why I left on Friday and I told him and he told me I should call Trenton and complain that there’s not enough help. Well let me tell you there was plenty of help. It’s just that no one wanted to provide customer service.