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The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) oversees the functions of:

  • Arkansas Driver's licenses
  • Arkansas ID Cards
  • Arkansas License Plates
  • Arkansas Permits
  • Arkansas Titles
  • Arkansas Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Arkansas DFA.

Recent DFA Reviews

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Arkansas,s DMV is the most user unfriendly website I have ever used. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. Why can't they make their DMV on place for everything. They should look at California DMV setup and get a clue on how to make their DMV more user friendly.
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DMV Customer
Horribly slow. In 30 minutes they’ve managed to process only 8 people. Not a bad average for the number of people working. But if you’re going to have 5 work stations might I suggest more than one worker. Fucking ridiculous.
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it was very helpful.the staff was really good.wait time was not was easy to find the location.parking facility was good.covid procedures are did well.i liked their way of approach
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This was was a easy enough trip to the DMV. I was having to go ask about what information I need to update my id. I would say that it is better to try and get there as early as you can to hopefully avoid wait times.

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