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Tina Fizer at window# 10 is the best. She is just perfect. Very kind very humble from greeting to taking care of everything so patiently she handles everything. I usually don’t compare things but this BMV made me to do it very badly because everybody is so nice i can’t resist i had very bad experience at “Morse road BMV” and now im here and very happy with “Alum Creek BMV” service. And the front desk person is also so good to give answers im sorry i missed to note her name but i pray god bless these persons. Thank you
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DMV Customer
Always pleasant and helpful. Very professional and efficient.
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DMV Customer
Extra effort made to serve their customers makes for a pleasant experience. Highly recommended.
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The environment you work in and your day is how YOU choose to make it. Holding in to what little faith I have left in humanity, I entered this BMV today and took note that I am definitely a number and not a person. I get that there is a system to keep things running smoothly as there should be, but would it hurt to smile or be friendly? Also for anyone who doesn’t know, you can sign in online for testing just found this out. Testing stops an hour prior to closing, even if you’ve waited for hours. There is no way to let anyone ahead of time know that you are there to test to get it out of the way while they are working with other people. All I did was ask and they kept cutting me off. Still a human being over.

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