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The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is an overseer of driving-related matters, but individual locations deal with different tasks.

The Driver's License offices handle:

  • Colorado Identification Cards
  • Colorado Driver's licenses
  • Colorado Driver's License Renewals
  • Colorado Permits
  • Colorado Vehicle Permits
  • Colorado Written Tests

The Title and Registration offices handle:

  • Colorado License Plates
  • Colorado Titles
  • Colorado Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Colorado DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user ernesteley
The security guard at the Canon City office is very rude and nasty. We were there yesterday and told to come back today because my grandson‘s permit has been lost in the mail and they are supposed to have it so we went and he asked if we had an appointment we told him no and before we could explain why we were there he tells us we can’t see you today without an appointment Tried to explain to him we were told to come in and they would look really quick and get it for us and he flat refused to let us talk to anybody and was downright nasty.
Profile picture for user jerrybucholz
Must wait a week for an APPOINTMENT to get the title to my vehicle, which the State says is to be mailed when the lien is released.
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DMV Customer
Evergreen, CO DMV is CLOSED on Fridays and you need an appointment to get seen
Profile picture for user brucebeck
My appointment was at 11am and got in right away. My agent was at #12, she was very pleasant, helpful and my transaction was finished in about 15 minutes.
Thank you
Bruce Beck

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