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The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR)oversees the functions of:

  • Missouri Driver's licenses
  • Missouri ID Cards
  • Missouri Permits
  • Missouri License Plates
  • Missouri Titles
  • Missouri Vehicle Registrations

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Recent DOR Reviews

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The postcard reminder saying one's driver's license is due to be renewed needs larger print & also more explicit instructions on what one needs to renew the license for the Real ID. The staff at the license bureau agreed it's very confusing so please fix it so it is easier to understand so a person doesn't have to make multiple trips to the place.
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DMV Customer
Excellent experience. Prompt service, knowledgeable staff, and very personable people. Thanks!
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The review buttons below do not all light up to know if you are giving it a 5 Star review or a 1 Star review. They get 5 stars in my book, they are quick, courteous, friendly, and have to put up with a bunch of different attitudes and they are fantastic. I would give them 10 Stars if it were available..
These people who issue license renewals blatantly discriminate against Hispanic people. My husband went to renew his license and they refused to do it unless he could prove citizenship. That said, the type of license he gave them was the kind issued for a citizen, as he is a United States Citizen. He went back with a U.S. passport, and they still refused. He went back with a social security card (card for citizens are differently marked and like I said, he is a US Citizen) and a passport and they issued a license that said "Not a Real Form of ID" That is what they put on the licenses for illegals in Illinois. Try voting with that!! He went back today, and they told him he needed proof of residency other than what is printed on his license. So, I sent a picture to him of his First Community statement with his name and address showing and they would not take it!! They don't do this to white people. I am white and they did not do this to me. I am calling my attorney and filing suit for this blatant harassment and discrimination.