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The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR)oversees the functions of:

  • Missouri Driver's licenses
  • Missouri ID Cards
  • Missouri Permits
  • Missouri License Plates
  • Missouri Titles
  • Missouri Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Missouri DOR.

Recent DOR Reviews

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The customer in front of me was walking with a cane and the receptionist was so rude to her that it was hard to watch. It seemed like the receptionist was on a power trip and trying to intimidate instead of helping customers. I had to call other locations to find helpful people.
Even when I was the only customer in line, she kept rushing me to hurry up and ask my questions. I wanted to get a driver license within a week to travel. She said I would have to wait 3 weeks to have it mailed from Jefferson City. Period. That meant I would need to cancel the trip. As we left, the other customer explained to me that DMV issues a temporary license card after passing driving exams and applying for a license.
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While it was a busy Saturday, the staff was extremely friendly, efficient and helpful with excellent professional service. The wait time was not all that bad as everyone remained focused on their tasks but were also friendly and patient.
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Read all of the negative reviews and was a bit apprehensive to go there. Quite the contrary...very nice and efficient staff. I got in and got out with a good feeling. The staff was quite friendly and most helpful.
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DMV Customer
Driver’s License process is beyond slow. Don’t waste your time sitting in the lobby of this location
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DMV Customer
Everyone was so very nice and helpful in the process of renewing my license. They made it very simple and easy!! Treated very courageously throughout the whole process!! Definitely recommend going there!!!