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The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR), Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of:

Kansas Driver Services Offices:

  • Kansas Driver's licenses
  • Kansas ID Cards
  • Kansas Permits

Kansas Vehicle Service Offices:

  • Kansas License Plates
  • Kansas Titles
  • Kansas Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Kansas DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
Horrible app abuses auto fill. Can't make second appointment for address change. Covid is OVER.
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The staff is very friendly, they are fast when you have appointment.
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Very slow experience. Only one employee at the time I came in at 8:45 for a 9:00 appointment. The lady who helped me kept getting distracted by the phone, the problem with the thermostat, other employees that came in late and other things including what she said was the computer {I don't think it was the computer, I just think every time she was distracted, she lost her place on the computer}.
Anyway, I think there could be quite a bit of improvement.
Maybe an outside supervisor could drop by as an individual renewing their driver's license.
The lady who helped me was very polite and knowledgeable though.
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A better explanation of the vision machine would help. I saw 4colunns. One had single numbers in colored boxes, then an empty column followed by two columns with numbers. I had the read the colored boxers to find the row requested in order to read the numbers in a column requested. Then I was asked to read numbers in "far left column". Just because I read the list of numbers in the colored boxes, I was marked as failed. Neither of us clarified what should be or was seen in the first of three columns. I assume there should be numbers in all three columns. Once before a switch was used to designate a column to be read for each eye. This year there was no change to indicate which column had numbers as I saw no change in the columns after reading my first group. So yes I was confused and not happy with examiners assumption. I was happy with fact they did not make me take additional tests for renewal