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The Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS), Driver Services oversees the functions of:

  • Tennessee Driver's licenses
  • Tennessee ID Cards
  • Tennessee Permits

The Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR), County Clerk offices oversee the function of:

  • Tennessee License Plates
  • Tennessee Titles
  • Tennessee Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Tennessee DOS.

Recent DOS Reviews

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My experience to get a new Tennessee drivers license/Real ID was fairly simple after I finally got the correct documents gathered for my third attempt. I was able to make an appointment for a Friday (busier time) about 3 days ahead of time. When I entered the facility it was very crowded but once I used the QR code to check in I was called to a counter 10 minutes earlier than my actual appointment. The employee who helped me was very pleasant and helped me sign up for organ donation as well as registration to vote. She did ask me if I had filled out an application online before my appointment, but I don't remember that being an option, so maybe that needs to be made more clear? The entire process only took 20 minutes.
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DMV Customer
The ladies at Clarksville DMV were so engaging and helpful. Shout out to Elraheb and Trujillo who made the visit very pleasant.
Great job ladies!!! Thanks for the help.
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DMV Customer
This is the worst office ever can never get to a live person for information.Have tried for 2hours constantly.
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DMV Customer
Cannot find tab to actually make appt for real ID. No one answers phone at 4:30.
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Most DMV’s I’ve been to is either the waiting line is too long or the people the helps you are serious and don’t smile what makes Savannah TN DMV different is they were happy to serve the people and the waiting is not bad.