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The Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS), Driver Services oversees the functions of:

  • Tennessee Driver's licenses
  • Tennessee ID Cards
  • Tennessee Permits

The Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR), County Clerk offices oversee the function of:

  • Tennessee License Plates
  • Tennessee Titles
  • Tennessee Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Tennessee DOS.

Recent DOS Reviews

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DMV Customer
Cannot find tab to actually make appt for real ID. No one answers phone at 4:30.
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Most DMV’s I’ve been to is either the waiting line is too long or the people the helps you are serious and don’t smile what makes Savannah TN DMV different is they were happy to serve the people and the waiting is not bad.
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There was a rather lengthy line. The staff were competent once serving you, however. Everyone was masked and kept at a six foot distance. I would recommend trying to come as early as possible, as it is crowded the later the day becomes.
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I just needed to renew my license. Nothing too crazy. I didn't know what to do and was obviously looking confused because the person behind the desk acknowledged me. She told me to go to a kiosk and renew everything and then wait for my name to be called for a new picture. Since that's all it was it shouldn't take too long. You hear all these horror stories about the DMV and being there for hours. But this trip wasn't too bad. Thanks to the lady who told me about this kiosk that I would have never seen.
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The office was very crowded. I had to take a number and wait until my number was called. Many people were not wearing a mask even though this county was under a mask mandate. The staff was robotic and only helpful if you asked a very specific question. I would advise others to go later in the afternoon. Maybe an hour before the office closes so wait time will be kept to under an hour.