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The only reason this office gets ONE star is because of the two people at the first desk when you walk in. The ladies behind those counters that you have to deal with after that are rude, disrespectful and seem to enjoy the power they feel they have. I've never been to a DMV where not one but TWO of the ladies behind the counter were BLATANTLY RUDE. One appeared to possibly be some sort of supervisor maybe, which is ashame. I tried to get back to her when she called me the first time, but was trying to hand the front desk people something I had to fill out. She happily told me she recycled my number even though I made it to her in less than 3 seconds the last time she called it. The second time they called my number not 1 minute later I went to that counter, and the first lady walked around to glare and assert herself. Please feel free if you have cameras to watch them. The lady that helped me actually do my transaction was worse than the first one! I couldn't understand her well behind her face mask and the plexiglass, she was rude and snappy when I would ask a question, and then asked me what my REAL hair color is! I said it is actually ash blonde with highlights, why? She just stared at me. I told her to put whatever color she thought it should be then. WHO ASKS SOMEONE THAT? It was a rude little jab that she apparently thought was funny. Your employees are highly unprofessional behind those back counters and it should be addressed. I work in the legal field as a profession and my hair wasn't purple or pink, nor did I look like I dyed it that way, so there was absolutely NO reason for her to ask that other than to try to make someone feel bad or take a jab at someone. We had already been there 3 times in two days 50 miles round trip each time trying to get my elderly mother's license changed to Alabama, and their rudeness and unprofessionalism was unacceptable.
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Always First Class, very little to no wait time depending on time and date. Nice people!
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The only reason they get one star is because the two people at the front are very nice. The ones behind the windows, 2 women in particular windows 3 and 6 for drivers licenses, are rude, disrespectful, seemingly deliberately unhelpful to assert their power, and I would avoid this office if at all possible. They clearly think they are above any discipline for treating people the way they do, and that’s ashame for everyone that has to deal with them.
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Very friendly staff and outgoing. Was in and out in around 30 minutes. Thank y'all.
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Trying to schedule a drivers test on this website is like trying to open Pandora’s box. Simplify the process and have a working link or answer the phone!!