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The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees the functions of:

  • Arizona Driver's licenses
  • Arizona Driver's School
  • Arizona ID Cards
  • Arizona Plates and Placards
  • Arizona Plates and Placards
  • Arizona Registration
  • Arizona Titles

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Arizona MVD.

Recent MVD Reviews

Profile picture for user r.h.
I could not have been more pleased. Effortless just about tells the tale. Thank you, one and all, at the Maricopa, DMV and for the folks who approved the DMV web site.
Profile picture for user darrellwilhelm(roamer88)
I have visited the DMV office in Parker, Arizona three times recently, and have been very happy with the experience each time. Friendly, competent service with a smile. Not the stereotypical bureaucratic office.
Profile picture for user juanvillafana
Terrible the customer service lady was no interested in helping to find why I paid and received two different car registrations and claimed I received a refund when I showed her that I didn’t and was charged an additional $269 dollars. I left after I saw I wasn’t going to get nothing done from her