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The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) oversees the functions of:

  • Maine Driver's licenses
  • Maine ID Cards
  • Maine License Plates
  • Maine Permits
  • Maine Titles
  • Maine Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the Maine BMV.

Recent BMV Reviews

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DMV Customer
July 3rd shows as a day you are opened. There were many people trying to do business, but the DMV wasn't.
Happy 4th of July
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It was little bit difficult to find. There was so many procedures to enter the office because of covid-19. They check the temperature and give sanitizer and ask to wear masks. After a long time waiting, the staff gave me all details I want. In overall, the office was good.
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It was an okay experience. The staff did not appear to have any urgency. They seemed to take their time with everything they did. All I needed was a simple license renewal with an eye test but the whole process seem to take longer than it should have. The person assisting me was friendly but not in a hurry. I would prefer speed over friendliness. My appointment was about 40 minutes late. I can understand if they have staffing issues or whatever but there never seem to be in a hurry. Also the time they spent interacting with the computer took too long. Either the person helping me was not good with the system or the system is not easy to use. The employee seem somewhat frustrated with the computer.
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DMV's are notorious for slow service and long waits, but this experience was actually OK. My biggest gripe is waiting outside on the street - you never know when the weather can turn! Overall though it was fine. Staff were friendly (maybe it was because I went on a Friday and they were looking forward to the weekend?!). The location is also a 5min walk from my home so it is really convenient!
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It was the same as most DMVs. I appreciated the COVID measures that are in place