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New York State DMV Offices

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the functions of

  • New York Driver's licenses
  • New York ID Cards
  • New York Permits
  • New York License Plates
  • New York Titles
  • New York Vehicle Registrations

Learn How to Make an appointment with the New York DMV.

Recent DMV Reviews

Profile picture for user joanndepoalo
I worked directly with this amazing supervisor (I wish I had her name). She worked with me and Albany to clear up an error with my ID. She made me feel special. I had to wait 4 hours to get my name fixed but she kept encouraging me saying " IT's all good"
If you know who she is....please let her know how much I appreciate everthing she did for me. God Bless Her.
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DMV Customer
I had the pleasure of talking to Wendy. i had some issues i needed to take care of. She was the nicest person ever and seem like she actually cared. She also called me back when she found some answers. Absolutely great experience.....Thank you Wendy for your hard work. Chris
Profile picture for user billkearney
Outstanding! i showed up early for rny reservation but was called to Window #1 within 10 minutes. Friendly, efficient, very pretty worker was polite and helpful as i had all my paperwork in order.
FASTEST I've ever been to DMV anywhere!
Profile picture for user emilydavis
My experience taking my road test at the Newburgh, NY test location was terrible to say the least. Upon arriving at my road test, the proctor was standing in front of my vehicle staring at me waving her hand in a circle and then turning around and refusing to look at me after I wasn’t understanding what she wanted me to do. When I got out of the car to figure out what she wanted me to do she began asking me questions to which I would provide answers to and she would cut me off in the middle of my sentence. Before starting my road test, when she was getting in my vehicle she motioned the sign of the cross to her coworkers and laughed to them. It made me feel very uncomfortable and nervous, like she didn’t trust me behind the wheel. When I asked clarification questions on things such as making sure I was turning where she wanted me to turn, she would refuse to respond and roll her eyes at me. I left my road test in tears because of the way I was being treated. I’ve had more than enough practice driving and am a skilled and safe driver, but I knew the minute I met with the instructor she would find a way to fail me. Newburgh needs to do better in hiring their staff and remove people who treat others in the way I was treated. I will not be returning to this location and will advise everyone I know who is looking to take their road test not to go to Newburgh.