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Recent reviews

Profile picture for user terryyochum
Great place to renew/get a license. Well worth the drive. Advise to get here when they first open. No or very little wait time for walk ins very friendly and helpful staff especially Donna!
Profile picture for user bettyblevins
Usually I have no problems with the DMV workers. On 7/22/2022 I was given a second number at #29 to resolve my issue. I waited 3.5 hours the number never showed. Went back to ask info at #29 when the lady at picture window started yelling orders at me. I tried to answer her,but she kept giving info. that had nothing to do with what I was asking. I was told to sit again and I would be called.By then I had watched everyone that came in after me leave, others coming after them coming and going. I went back to the front door and got another number. This time my number was texted and called and it only took another 1.5 hours. It's not the DMV, it's just some of the shoddy work that a few people who work there, give to us customers who need service there. This lady at the picture window tried to start an argument with me but I walked away because I would have suffered if I argued back. I was already upset because it was taking so long and people like that shouldn't be allowed to perpetuate and attempt to escalate negativity at the DMV.
Profile picture for user skyyhopkins
Wanted to say, this is by so far the best DPS office I’ve been too. Not only were all the people super nice, but when missing papers or anything of the sort they helped me figure it out immediately.Even when I failed the first time, my tester was so calm and reassured me because she knew I was stressed and promised everything would be okay and encouraged me so much that I came back specifically to this DPS office to take my test even though I’m an hour an a half away from this location. When retaking it with another women, she was so sweet and calm. Also once again, helped me with everything smoothly. Guess what? I passed! They were also the fastest and most organized DPS office I’ve been to. If you have anxiety that your tester for a road test will be too harsh on you or anything of the sort, trust me this is the place to go. They’re beyond understanding and easy to talk to for conversation when nervously driving and more willing to answer questions. You definitely tell they care for you and want you to pass compared to other DPS offices. If I could, I would rate this place more stars. Thanks again!🤍⭐️