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Texas DPS - Appointment Information

Scheduling Your Texas DPS Appointment for Driver License and Identification Services

The quickest and easiest way to schedule a Texas DPS appointment is online using the Texas DPS Scheduler portal

The Texas DPS Schduler will ask you to provide your:

  • TX driver’s license or ID card number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN).
  • Contact information.

The Texas DPS DOES NOT handle vehicle registration or renews. For information on how to renew your registration, click here.

For Information on Texas DMV Appointments, click here

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registration Appointment Information

Texas Drivers License Appointment Requirements

The Texas DPS offers all in-office driver's license and identification card services by appointment only. Most DPS Drivers License offices have a limited number of same-day appointments available; they fill up quickly. So it's best to plan.

Keep in mind that walk-in appointments are available on a limited basis at most driver's license office locations. However, most DL offices offer a limited number of same-day appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers who book these appointments at the office can leave and return at their designated appointment time. Individuals without an appointment will receive assistance in setting a future appointment.

For additional information on Texas DPS appointments, review the Frequently Asked Questions provided below. These FAQs cover topics such as scheduling an appointment, available services, and appointment rescheduling.

Texas DPS Appointment FAQs

How long do I have to wait before rescheduling a new appointment after canceling?
You can reschedule immediately after canceling an appointment.
Can I still renew my DL/ID, change my address, or order a duplicate online?
Yes, check your eligibility and complete these transactions at
Can I get a reminder by email or text message on my phone?
Yes, you have the option to receive email or text message reminders when making your appointment.
Will I receive a reminder for my upcoming appointment?
You can choose to receive email or text message reminders when scheduling your appointment.
How can I confirm my appointment?
Confirmation information is provided when the appointment is made and can be accessed by logging into the appointment scheduler.
How can I change my Texas DPS appointment?
Visit the appointment scheduler to reschedule. Your existing appointment will be canceled upon confirmation of a new appointment.
How early should I arrive for my appointment?
Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your appointment.
When will my appointment be canceled if I'm late?
Appointments are canceled after being 30 minutes late.
How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?
Appointments can be scheduled up to six months in advance.
What if the service I need isn't listed for scheduling an appointment?
Select "Service Not Listed" to schedule an appointment. Note that REAL ID and Texas law only permit holding a driver license or ID card, but not both (Texas Transportation Code Section 521.183).
What if I can't schedule an appointment before my license or ID expires?
Check your eligibility for online renewal at If not eligible, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Texas allows up to two years of advance renewal.
What if there are no available appointments at my local office?
You can schedule an appointment at another location, check for cancellations later, or try a walk-in appointment, available on a limited basis at most locations.
Can I schedule an appointment for someone else?
Yes, if you have the required information, but it is not recommended.
Do I need an established Texas driver license or ID card to schedule an appointment if I'm moving to Texas?
No. The appointment scheduler will guide both new and existing Texas customers through the process.
What services can I schedule an appointment for?
All driver license and identification card services can be scheduled, and the appointment scheduler will inform you if the service is available online at
Why isn't my local office listed when I try to schedule an appointment online?
If your local office isn't listed, no appointments are currently available. Choose the next closest office for available appointment dates or try booking a same-day appointment in person at your local office.
Can I be served at a driver license office without an appointment?
Without an appointment, you can use a self-service kiosk at the office to schedule an appointment for the same day if available or for a different day or location.
How can I schedule an appointment at a Texas driver license office?
To schedule an appointment, visit our appointment scheduling website at

Safety Measures and Requirements for you Texas DPS Visit

To ensure the safety of customers and driver license office personnel, please comply with the following requirements for your appointment:

  1. Services are by scheduled appointment only, with limited walk-in appointments available at most locations.
  2. All customers visiting the driver license office are encouraged to wear a face mask or facial covering.
  3. Social distancing must be followed (6 feet apart).
  4. Only customers will be allowed into the building, with exceptions for ADA accommodations, customers with small children, elderly persons, and business needs (parental authorization, residency/address change, etc.).
  5. Credit cards are the preferred payment method. Money orders, cashier's checks, and personal checks will be accepted for the correct amount.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the rescheduling of your appointment.

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Texas DPS Encourages Online Services

The Texas DPS encourages eligible customers to conduct their driver license services online to save time and avoid visiting an office in person. For more information on available online services, extensions, waivers, and Covid-19 updates, visit the Driver License Services webpage.

Through the Texas DPS website, you can:

Check to see if you can complete your DPS or DMV business online before you make a trip.

Best Times to Visit Your Texas DPS Office

It’s unavoidable -- sometimes you’ll have to visit your local office. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you don’t spend too much time waiting in line:

  • Mondays and Fridays are usually busier than the middle of the week.
  • The first and last days of the month are typically the most crowded.
  • Avoid visiting on days immediately before or after a holiday.
  • Lunch hours and evenings are generally more crowded than the mornings. Also, make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete your transaction before closing -- especially if you’re taking a test.