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Texas DPS Carrollton Mega Center Moves to Appointment Only

In Austin, Texas, the administration only offered a driver's license and identification card by appointment from May 2020. This resulted in customers without appointments forming abnormally long queues to secure the limited same-day appointment slots. However, since it was prudent to think about the safety of the workers and the general population, Carrolton Mega Center released a directive that same-day appointments would no longer be accepted from March 21, 2021.

The Carrollton Mega Center would only offer services on a prior-appointment basis. Customers were requested to schedule an appointment to collect their driver's license and other services. The public was expected to check the availability of a slot by visiting the online appointment scheduler, which limited the number of slots per hour and per day.

According to the new system, customers were expected to arrive at the Carrollton Mega Center 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and check-in at the kiosk within the premises or online. The department is keen to serve as many customers as possible and needs people who understand that they will not make it to cancel the appointment as soon as possible to allow the spot to be filled by another person.

People who fail to show up for their scheduled appointments are obstacles to the current system, with the current no-show rate standing at 28%. This impacts Texans negatively by making it difficult for people to be served faster and more systematically. The department has assured the public that they can schedule their appointment as far as 6 months away if that will ease their planning to show up for the appointment. The offices are open Monday through Friday and operate during regular business hours.

The appointment-only service was designed and implemented to serve more Texans every day by making the department more efficient. In addition, the system would ensure people did not form a long queue at the premises, hoping to be served on the same day and end up wasting time when they are locked outside. 
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