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DMV Appointments In Florida

Make a Florida DHSMV Appointment

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

Florida Drivers License Appointment Requirements

Schedule or cancel your Florida DMV appointment online by using the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ On-line Appointment Service and Information System (OASIS).

Use this link to schedule FL DMV appointments for the following counties:

  • Broward.
  • Volusia.
  • Miami-Dade.

Going to DHSMV in Person

Making an appointment with the DHSMV ensures you will spend as little time in the office as possible. You can schedule a Florida DMV appointment for many reasons, including:

  • Applying for a license, learner’s permit, or ID card.
  • Renewing your license.
  • Taking a driving test.
  • Changing the name on your license.

However, many common tasks DO NOT require an in-person visit to your local field office and can be performed online.

Find a DMV Near Me.

Florida DHSMV Online Services

Save a trip by completing the following DMV errands online:

  • Renew or replace your vehicle registration.
    • You can also do this from your cell phone using the MyFlorida app, available through iTunes and GooglePlay.
  • Renew or replace your Florida driver’s license.
  • Request a vehicle title.
  • Change the address on your license.

Best Times to Visit a FLHSMV Office

If you can’t make a Florida DMV appointment or complete your task online, you can still save time by timing your visit when it is least crowded.

As a general rule, the:

  • Middle of the week is less crowded than Mondays and Fridays.
  • Lunch hours are the busiest, since that is when many employees take their breaks.
  • Days before or after holidays are especially crowded.
  • DMV will not issue tests past a certain point in the evening -- get there early to ensure you can complete your transaction before the office closes.

Before you visit a FLHSMV office, be sure to verify that the location is capable of processing your request. There are 3 types of offices:

  • Driver License (DL) services only centers, which handle requests such as processing ID cards, issuing knowledge and driving skills tests, etc.
  • Motor Vehicle (MV) services only centers, which handle requests like vehicle registration and titling, disability parking placards, license plates, etc.
  • Dual service centers, which can perform all DMV-related tasks.