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Florida DMV Appointments

Make a Florida DHSMV Appointment Online

Use this link to schedule FL DMV appointments for the following counties:

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

Florida Drivers License Appointment Requirements

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Florida DMV Appointment FAQs

What should I do if no appointments are available when I try to schedule one?
Appointment slots are opened daily. If no appointments are available, check back the next day for additional slots or potential cancellations.
What documentation should I bring for renewing or obtaining a new driver license or ID card?
Customers must visit an office with required documents if: Applying for their first driver license or ID card Current credential expires and does not have a star in the upper corner Legally changed their name since last issuance (e.g., marriage, divorce, court order) Name change documentation: Marriage certificate or court order must show name change from birth name to current name If multiple name changes, only final name change document needed if it shows current and birth name If final marriage certificate does not show both names, all documents showing name change from birth to current name are required REAL ID Act compliance: Once required identity documents are provided, they need only be provided again if information changes (e.g., name, residential address) After May 7, 2025, TSA will only accept driver licenses and ID cards with a star as proof of identification at airports REAL ID-compliant identification needed for access to military bases and most Federal facilities A U.S. passport may be used in place of a REAL ID-compliant card for official identification
Can I renew or replace my driver license or identification card online?
To check if you are eligible to renew or replace your driver license or identification card online, please visit FLHSMV's Driver License Check. If eligible, you can use the self-service portal at MyDMVPortal for these services.
Are there any fees for scheduling appointments with FLHSMV?
No, FLHSMV does not charge for appointments.
 Is the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) Online Appointment System available for walk-ins?
Yes, walk-ins are accepted on a limited basis. However, it is recommended to schedule an appointment for a smoother experience.
What is the Florida Licensing on Wheels (FLOW) program?
The FLOW program is an integral part of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles' (FLHSMV) community outreach initiative. It brings driver license and motor vehicle services directly to local communities through mobile offices. Visit our Mobile Offices (FLOW) page to learn more about what is available in your area or to coordinate an outreach event.
Are county tax collector offices or license plate agents affected by FLHSMV office closures?
Some driver license and motor vehicle services are offered by county tax collectors or license plate agents and may not be impacted by FLHSMV office closures. For information related to county tax collector office or license plate agent closures, please visit their respective website.
Are appointments required for services at Tax Collector Offices or License Plate Agents?
Many offices do require appointments for service. To confirm, please visit the specific Tax Collector Office or License Plate Agent website or call them for additional information.
How can I find information on local driver license and motor vehicle service centers, Clerk of the Court offices, and motorist services regional offices in my county?
Please see the table below for more information on your county and appointment requirements by county in Flordia. 

Going to DHSMV in Person

Making an appointment with the DHSMV ensures you will spend as little time in the office as possible. You can schedule a Florida DMV appointment for many reasons, including:

  • Applying for a license, learner’s permit, or ID card.
  • Renewing your license.
  • Taking a driving test.
  • Changing the name on your license.

However, many common tasks DO NOT require an in-person visit to your local field office and can be performed online.

Find a DMV Near Me.


FL County  Appointments Required?Online Appointment Link
Alachua County Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Baker County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Bay County Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Bradford County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Brevard County Tax Collector  RequiredAppointment Link
Flordia Highway Sfety and Motor Vehicles  NoAppointment Link
South Broward Tag Agency  NoAppointment Link
First Broward Auto Tag Agency  NoAppointment Link
Broward Tag Agency  NoAppointment Link
Calhoun County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Charlotte County Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Citrus County Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Clay County Tax CollectorGreen Cove Branch YesAppointment Link
Clay County Tax CollectorPark Avenue Branch YesAppointment Link
Clay County Tax CollectorBear Run Branch YesAppointment Link
Collier County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Columbia County Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Desoto County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Dixie County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Duval County Tax CollectorYates - Main Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorHogan Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorKernan Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorMandarin Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorNeptune Beach Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorNorth Main Street Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorRoosevelt Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorSoutel Branch NoAppointment Link
Duval County Tax CollectorWesside Branch NoAppointment Link
Escambia County Tax CollectorDowntown Office NoAppointment Link
Escambia County Tax CollectorMolino Office NoAppointment Link
Escambia County Tax CollectorMarcus Pointe Office NoAppointment Link
Escambia County Tax CollectorWarrington Office NoAppointment Link
Flagler County Tax Collector  NoCall (386) 313-4160
Franklin County Tax Collector  NoCall 850-653-9323
Gadsden County Tax Collector  NoCall (850) 627-7255
Gilchrist County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Glades County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Gulf County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Hamilton County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Hardee County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Hendry County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Hernando County Tax Collector  SomeAppointment Link
Highlands County Tax Collector  Out-of-countyAppointment Link
Hillsborough County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Holmes County Tax Collector  Road TestsCall 850-547-1115
Indian River Tax Collector  NoAppointment Link
Jackson County Tax Collector  Road TestsCALL 850-482-9602
Jefferson County Tax Collector  Road TestsCall (850) 342-0147
Lafayette County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Lake County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Lee County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Leon County Tax CollectorLake Jackson YesAppointment Link
Leon County Tax CollectorMetropolitan YesAppointment Link
Leon County Tax CollectorSouthside YesAppointment Link
Leon County Tax CollectorNeil Kirkman YesAppointment Link
Levy County Tax CollectorBronson Yes(352) 486-5172 – Wed. & Thurs.
Levy County Tax CollectorChiefland Yes(352) 493-4646 – Tues. & Wed.
Levy County Tax CollectorWilliston Yes(352) 528-6091 – Mon. & Wed.
Liberty County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Madison County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Manatee County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Marion County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Martin County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Miami-Dade County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Monroe County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Nassau County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Okaloosa County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Okeechobee County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Orange County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Osceola County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Palm Beach County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Pasco County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Pinellas County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Polk County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Putnam County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
St. Johns County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
St. Lucie County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Santa Rosa County Tax CollectorJay YesAppointment Link
Santa Rosa County Tax CollectorMidway/Gulf Breeze YesAppointment Link
Santa Rosa County Tax CollectorMilton YesAppointment Link
Santa Rosa County Tax CollectorPace YesAppointment Link
Sarasota County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Seminole County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Sumter County Tax CollectorBushnell YesAppointment Link
Sumter County Tax CollectorThe Villages YesAppointment Link
Sumter County Tax CollectorThe Villages Annex YesAppointment Link
Suwannee County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Taylor County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Union County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Volusia County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Wakulla County Tax Collector  YesAppointment Link
Walton County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments
Washington County Tax Collector  NoNo Appointments


Florida DHSMV Online Services

Save a trip by completing the following DMV errands online:

  • Renew or replace your vehicle registration.
    • You can also do this from your cell phone using the MyFlorida app, available through iTunes and GooglePlay.
  • Renew or replace your Florida driver’s license.
  • Request a vehicle title.
  • Change the address on your license.

Best Times to Visit a FLHSMV Office

If you can’t make a Florida DMV appointment or complete your task online, you can still save time by timing your visit when it is least crowded.

As a general rule, the:

  • Middle of the week is less crowded than Mondays and Fridays.
  • Lunch hours are the busiest, since that is when many employees take their breaks.
  • Days before or after holidays are especially crowded.
  • DMV will not issue tests past a certain point in the evening -- get there early to ensure you can complete your transaction before the office closes.

Before you visit a FLHSMV office, be sure to verify that the location is capable of processing your request. There are 3 types of offices:

  • Driver License (DL) services only centers, which handle requests such as processing ID cards, issuing knowledge and driving skills tests, etc.
  • Motor Vehicle (MV) services only centers, which handle requests like vehicle registration and titling, disability parking placards, license plates, etc.
  • Dual service centers, which can perform all DMV-related tasks.