Schedule a New York DMV Appointment

To schedule a reservation with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), use the online system.

There, you must:

  • Choose your county and location*.
  • Select the service you need assistance with.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Provide your name, email address, and phone number.
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Going to the DMV In Person

You can use the same portal to change or cancel existing reservations.

*If your local DMV office doesn’t appear as an option, you may be able to book an appointment through the office directly by visiting its website (use this directory for links).

New York DMV Online Services

Before you book an appointment to visit the DMV in person, make sure you can’t just complete your task online. There are many common services you can complete online, including:

Best Times to Visit the NY DMV

If you’re unable to book a reservation in advance or complete your DMV business online, you can still save time by choosing the right time to visit the NY DMV. Keep in mind that:

  • Mondays and Fridays are usually busier than the middle of the week.
  • The first and last days of the month are typically more crowded.
  • The days immediately before and after holidays are often the busiest.
  • Mornings are generally less crowded than the evenings and lunch hours.