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Lake Worth DMV - Greenacres Tax Collectors

By Appointment Only
People typically spend 20 min to 90 min here. The best time to go is at 8:00 am on Tuesday.
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Greenacres Tax Collectors
4215 S. Military Trail
Greenacres, FL 33463
United States

8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Wait Time: N/A
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Greenacres DMV Location & Hours

Office location
4215 S. Military Trail
Greenacres, 33463
Sun Closed
Mon 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Tue 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Wed 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Thu 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Fri 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Sat Closed

Greenacres DMV Wait Times - Best Time to go

Greenacres DMV is most busy around 11:00 am on Wednesday. Visitors are typically here 20 min to 90 min. It's least busy at 8:00 am on Tuesday.

Greenacres DMV Office Services

  • Driver Licenses
  • Driver Licenses: Original, Duplicate & Renewal
  • ID Cards
  • Learners Permits
  • License Plates
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Tax Department
  • Vehicle Title & Registration Transactions

Greenacres DMV Payment

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Debit

Greenacres DMV Office Notes

The Greenacres Tax Collectors office (Lakeworth DMV) is by Appointment Only you can book your appointment here.

Open Mon-Fri
Drivers License Services: 8:15 am-4:30 pm
Motor Vehicle Services: 8:15 am-5:00 pm

Additional Services

  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • TSAPreCheck
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Florida Birth Certificates
  • SunPass
  • New Business Listing Subscription Service

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Greenacres Florida DMV Reviews and Tips

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Supervisors and Managers Please take notice, The service at this location is horrible. The attitude have to change. They work to serve the clients not the other way around. I was there today 7/2/2019. I had a horrible experience and worse I witness about four other person having a lot of difficulty about how they were treated. I went to ladys room. I heard my number called F165 station 38. I rush out but is a long way from bathroom to station 38. I reach counter hand the lady my number and id. She returned and said take a sit because I just called 166. I was stunned because it was my turn. I was there and she skip me. she said she put me in the system.they called 167 thru 179 before they called me. I was there and extra hour. She had a choice and could have accommodated me. But the attitude is sooo wrooong. I witness about 4 other clients . They are laughing and calling security. Its ovious the do not believe their job is to serve the clients whom ever they are in a corteous respectful way. Very bad service no symphaty, wrong attitude . Please take notice
1:42 pm, Jul 2
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Yesterday was the first day that i have ever receive a such shockingly dreadful customer service at the DMV Office on 3551 S. Military Trail Lake Worth, FL 33463 . I don't even know to where to begin. I went there for title transfers. As soon as it was my turn at the front desk, the lady started insulting me. 1) Told me that i should not have the last name i have because i'm from the Caribbean. 2) She said she will do whatever it takes to change it. 3) She said i speak English too properly for a Haitian. So many things came into my mind to do or say to the old lady but i did not do or say a thing. She gave me a number and i went to the waiting area. After a long wait about 3 hours, they finally called my number as soon as i arrived to the representative counter desk, i said hello then she replied how can i help you. I said I'm here for title transfers. She looked at my paperwork bewilderingly then she finally called her supervisor who floundering managing the situation made it worse. I was melancholy explained the situation to the supervisor then she called security and i take my paperwork and left. It's obvious that the representatives are careless and showed no sign that they have any kind of education or experience to do this job. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE.
10:49 am, Jul 3
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DMV Customer
7:22 am, May 20
Profile picture for user yisraelselassie
I was just there today for a transfer of tittle and the first thing that caught my attention was that after they called my number the lady behind register 17 tells Me “I didn’t call You, the machine did” First and foremost, where is Her professionalism? Was She not trained to greet customers and just say “The machine called You and not Me” before I could even say Hi. The She goes ahead and closest my case in Her computer to repeat at this point questioning Herself and the machine “I didn’t call You the machine did”? Then She turns to her coworker on the left who politely holds her accountable and says “The Machine calls every customer, unless You have a returning customer” the coworker also tells Her “since You closed the case on the computer You need a manager to overwrite this so You can have access to it again” Then She turns to the next coworker who now says that She can’t understand what was written in title for the price of the vehicle which it was bold and clear written $1000. She then says We’re going to have to have You come back because otherwise Tallahassee may come back to us. My thoughts were “Isn’t that Your Job? To serve a mediador roll between the people and the state?” Isn’t that like the main thing a DMV worker behind the register do? So the message was clear from the start. She didn’t want to do Her Job and when She got called out She and the other coworker on register 18 abused their authority in their ego triggered tantrums. What you need to do it’s serve the people EFFICIENTLY abiding by the LAW! Not irrationally through Your own emotional based opinions. There is no law that says if the dmv worker doesn’t want to read the listed price of a vehicle written in black bold numbers printed on the tittle they have the right to decide if they want to assume there is something wrong. If Tallahassee wants to send back the document and have it correct it so be it. But nowhere in the STATE OR FEDERAL LAW do I find this action from a government agent to be lawful much less helpful. You are here to serve the people and mediate and facilitate our legal transactions with the STATE.
1:13 pm, Jun 13
Profile picture for user guillermone1
I just went to may appointment to get an ID card. The notary public who prepared the certificate of address form made an error which could have easily been fixed, but she refuse to be helpful in any way, shape or form but instead was extremely rude, nasty and disrespectful. After refusing to accept my paperwork, she literally threw it in my face. I have never in my entire life ever experienced such a humiliating experience from another human being in my whole entire life. I suspect it was because I speak broken English, and for this suffered discrimination. It was a clear cut case of unfair or prejudicial treatment because I belong to a minority group and this should be reported to the proper authorities.
1:29 pm, Jul 10
Profile picture for user donnamcgee
You shouldn't have to wait so long for a handicap placard. In broward, they have a separate office right next to the dmv. Palm Beach should do the same. It would cure alot of headaches.
5:46 am, Oct 6
Profile picture for user theresaroberts
Both the manager and a gentleman named Leo, were very helpful and were able to get my issues resolved quickly.
12:51 am, Feb 13

Questions and Answers

Profile picture for user lisagalland
Mar 25
how do i check my appointment
Mar 26
To check your appointment in Florida, you can visit or more specifically for this office .
Profile picture for user carolishcaforster
Apr 19
One of my handicap placards is lost or stolen.How do I get another one?
Profile picture for user pete
Apr 19
My tag will expire on 5/5/2023. I applied for it on line but have not received it. The amount was withdrawn from my account
Profile picture for user josealfredomuñozmoreno
Apr 24
Buenos dias por favor un enlace para citas gracias

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