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DMV Appointments In Nevada

Nevada DMV Appointments

General services are walk-in only at rural DMV offices. Appointments are required for all Driving Skills tests at all DMV Offices. You may obtain a vehicle movement permit at any DMV office without an appointment.

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

Nevada Drivers License Appointment Requirements

Certain Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices allow customers to schedule appointments up to 90 days in advance. These offices include: 

How to Schedule an NV DMV Appointment

Go Here to Schedule a Road Test Appointment.

To make a DMV appointment in Nevada for everything except road tests, you can visit General Nevada DMV Appointments.

  • Select “Service” 
  • Choose the location where you’d like to schedule your appointment.
  • Choose the reason for your visit (if you are not scheduling a driving exam). If you must complete multiple tasks, you do NOT need to make several appointments.
  • Choose an available date and time for your visit.
  • Provide your contact information.

If you need to Change or cancel your NV DMV Appointment.

Going to DMV In Person

Starting August 15, 2022, the DMV will only serve customers with appointments in its six metro locations – from Monday to Friday. There will be a few exemptions for walk-ins, including driver’s license reinstatements, license plate drop-offs, vehicle movement permits, vehicle inspections, and kiosk transactions. Saturday’s walk-in services will, however, remain unchanged.

Las Vegas and Reno residents may NOT schedule appointments in Carson City or rural offices.

Rural DMV offices remain Walk-in based.

Find a DMV Near Me.

Nevada DMV Online Services

For many common DMV transactions, a visit to the office is NOT required. You can go online to:

  • Renew a vehicle registration.
  • Order a replacement registration and plate decal.
  • Update or verify insurance.
  • Renew a driver’s license or ID.
  • Register a vehicle purchased at a Nevada dealer.

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