NJ MVC Appointments

To take a road test to obtain your New Jersey driver’s license, you’ll need to schedule it in advance with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

Schedule your road test by:

Be ready to provide your driver’s license number AND permit validation number.

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Going to a New Jersey MVD Office In Person

Vehicle inspection appointments can be made online for the following locations:

  • Cape May.
  • Salem.
  • Washington.

New Jersey MVC Online Services

Before making a trip to your local MVC office, use the “Online Services” section of the MVC website to see if your DMV business can be handled online. Doing so not only saves you time, but also makes MVC offices less crowded for others.

Some of the tasks you can complete online include:

Best Times to Visit the New Jersey MVC

If you can’t complete your DMV task online, keep the following in mind when choosing a time to visit the MVC:

  • The first and last days of the month are often the most crowded.
  • The middle of the week is generally less busy than Mondays and Fridays.
  • Lunch hours and evenings usually have the longest wait times.
  • Make sure you arrive with enough time to complete your task before the MVC closes.