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First Time Vehicle Registration in New Jersey

Vehicle Title and Registration in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you can be penalized for driving a vehicle that hasn’t been properly titled and registered through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

When you purchase a new or used vehicle from a New Jersey dealership, the title and registration paperwork will usually be handled for you.

You will have to process the title transfer and register the car yourself when you:

  • Move into New Jersey from another state. You have 60 days after you establish residency to transfer your title and register your car.
  • Purchase the vehicle from a(n):
    • Auction.
    • Private seller.
    • Out-of-state dealer.

Recently purchased vehicles must be titled and registered within 10 days of the sale.

New Jersey Title Transfer and Registration

To transfer your title and register your vehicle, visit your local MVC office and provide your:

  • Driver’s license or 6 points of ID.
  • Completed Vehicle Registration Application (BA-49).
  • Proof of New Jersey insurance (company name and policy number).
  • Vehicle purchase order (for vehicles purchased out-of-state).
  • MVC Entity Identification Number (EIN) if the vehicle was purchased for a business.
  • The EIN of the lienholder (if applicable).
  • Current certificate of title with both the seller and buyer portions completed and signed (if applicable). If there is no certificate of title because the vehicle was purchased at an auction OR from a state that doesn’t issue titles, bring a:
    • Photograph or pencil tracing of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate.
    • Most recent registration document.
    • Notarized bill of sale OR notarized statement from the seller that includes the:
      • Manufacturing year.
      • Vehicle make and model.
      • VIN.
      • Selling price.
  • Payment for the:
    • Titling fee.
    • Registration fee.
    • Sales tax.

New Jersey Registration and Title Fees

  • Standard title: $60.
  • Title for a financed vehicle with one lien: $85
  • Title for a financed vehicle with two liens: $110.
  • Late fee: $25.

Registration fees are based on vehicle weight, function, and age. Use the MVC fee chart or registration fee calculator to look up your registration fee. For help calculating your sales tax, call the New Jersey Division of Taxation at 609-984-6206.

The New Jersey MVC accepts:

  • Cash.
  • Money orders.
  • Checks.
  • Credit cards, including:
    • American Express.
    • MasterCard.
    • Visa.
    • Discover.