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DMV Appointments In West Virginia

West Virginia DMV Appointments

If you need to visit the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in West Virginia, consider saving time by booking an appointment in advance. To schedule an appointment:

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

West Virginia Drivers License Appointment Requirements

Going to WV DMV In Person

  1. Visit the WV DMV online portal.
  2. Click “make an appointment.”
  3. Choose the type of transaction you must complete on your visit.
  4. Choose the location you plan to visit.
  5. Select a date and time.
  6. Provide your contact information and confirm your appointment.

Find a DMV Near Me

WV DMV Online Services

Many common DMV tasks do NOT need to be completed at a DMV office. Often, you can use the DMV website to complete your transaction. With the DMV online system, you can:

You can complete these transactions and more on the West Virginia DMV website.

Best Times to Visit the West Virginia DMV

There are some instances where visiting a DMV office is unavoidable. Circumvent the crowd by avoiding:

  • Mondays and Fridays.
  • The first and last days of the month.
  • The days just before and after holidays.
  • Lunch and evening hours.