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Renewing a Drivers License in Pennsylvania

How to Renew a License in PA

Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and IDs are valid for 4 years*, and expire the day after your birthday. You can renew within 6 months of expiration.

Most PA drivers have the option to renew:

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • In person at a licensing center or an online messenger location.

Obtaining a REAL ID for the first time has stricter requirements. Visit our page on PA REAL ID for more information.

*If you are 65 and older, they expire every 2 years.

Renew Your Pennsylvania License or ID Online

Pennsylvania residents can renew their non-commercial licenses or photo IDs online by using the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) online system. Be sure to check and update your address if necessary (you can do this online as well).

You’ll need to provide your license or ID number and your debit or credit card information to pay the fee. PennDOT accepts:

  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover.

Once you process the transaction, you can print a temporary license. Within 15 days, you’ll receive either:

  • Your new license or ID with the same photo as your expiring card.


  • A camera card to present at your local photo licensing office.

When you receive your camera card:

Renew a Pennsylvania License or ID at an Online Messenger or Licensing Office

Many private businesses are authorized to conduct business on behalf of PennDOT for an additional service fee. Use the locator to find an office close to you.

To renew your license or ID at one of these centers or at a PennDOT licensing office, provide your:

If the online messenger center does NOT have photo-taking capabilities, you may be given a camera card to complete the transaction at a photo licensing center.

Renew Your PA License or ID by Mail

Pennsylvania should receive a renewal notice approximately 3 months before their ID or license expires. To renew your license by mail:

You’ll either receive your new ID with the same photo on it or a camera card in the mail.

If you receive a camera card, visit your local licensing office and present it to get your photo taken and receive your new card.

Pennsylvania License Renewal Fees

Photo IDs and standard licenses:

  • Photo ID renewal: $31.50.
  • 4-year license renewal: $35.
  • 4-year license renewal with motorcycle endorsement: $30.50.
  • 2-year license renewal (65 and older): $20.
  • 2-year license renewal with motorcycle endorsement (65 and older): $30.

Commercial driver’s licenses (CDL):

  • 4-year CDL renewal: $98.50.
  • 4-year CDL with HAZMAT endorsement renewal: $115.50.
  • 4-year CDL with motorcycle endorsement renewal: $118.50.
  • 4-year CDL with motorcycle and HAZMAT endorsement renewal: $135.50.
  • 2-year CDL renewal (65 and older): $54.
  • 2-year CDL with HAZMAT endorsement renewal ($65 and older): $81.
  • 2-year CDL with motorcycle endorsement renewal ($65 and older): $64.
  • 2-year CDL with motorcycle and HAZMAT endorsements renewal (65 and older): $81.