Maine BMV Appointments

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) allows customers to make appointments to spend less time waiting in line at the office.

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Going to the BMV in Person

To schedule an appointment, call your local BMV branch office and provide the information they request. Also be sure to ask what items you’ll need to present to complete your transaction.

ME BMV Online Services

Many BMV transactions in Maine do NOT require a trip to a branch office. You can visit the BMV online portal and complete many tasks such as:

Best Times to Visit the Maine BMV

If you can’t complete your transaction online or make an appointment, you can still save time at the BMV by choosing the right time to visit. Consider avoiding times when the office will likely be crowded, such as: 

  • Lunch hours and evenings.
  • Mondays and Fridays.
  • The first and last days of the month.
  • The days immediately preceding or following holidays.