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DOT Appointments In Iowa

Schedule an Iowa DOT Appointment Online

When you can’t handle your Department of Transportation task online, scheduling a DOT appointment is the next-best way to ensure you won’t spend your day waiting at the office.

To schedule your appointment:

  • Visit the DOT website and select the category for your visit from the following options:
    • Vehicle services. Includes title and registration services, as well as disability placards, etc.
    • Motor carrier services. This includes services involving oversize permits, titles for commercial vehicles, etc.
    • Driver’s license or ID cards. This includes all license and ID services, as well as knowledge and driving skills tests.
  • Then select your preferred location.
  • Choose the reason for your visit.
  • Select a time from the options given.
  • Provide your contact information.

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

Iowa Drivers License Appointment Requirements

Going to a Driver License Office in Person

If you’re having difficulty scheduling your visit for:

  • Vehicle services, send an email to [email protected] or click the red chat bubble on the bottom left to use the automated bot to schedule your appointment.
  • Motor carrier services, email [email protected] or call (515) 237-3268 for assistance.

Find a DMV Near Me

Iowa DOT Online Services

Before you make your in-person appointment, you should check to see if your task can be handled online.

Here are some of the common Iowa DOT services you can complete from home:

Iowa Self-Service Kiosks

Using a DOT self-service kiosk is another convenient option for Iowa residents that need to perform some common tasks. These automated machines allow you to:

  • Renew your license (if eligible).
  • Replace a lost or damaged license.
  • Remove the “Under 18” or Under 21” markings on your license.

To use one of these kiosks you’ll need to:

  • Scan your ID or enter your information.
  • Take a photo (these kiosks use facial recognition software to confirm your identity).
  • Answer some questions and confirm your address.
  • Provide a credit card for payment. These kiosks accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

Once the transaction is completed, you’ll receive a receipt that serves as a temporary ID or license until you receive your permanent card in the mail in approximately 21 days.

Best Time to Visit the Iowa DOT

If you can’t make an appointment or complete your DOT task online or at a self-service kiosk, choosing the right time to make a trip to your local DOT office is crucial.

In general, it’s best to AVOID:

  • Mondays and Fridays. The middle of the week is typically less crowded.
  • Lunch time and evenings. Employees often take lunch in the middle of the day, leaving the office with less staff, and more customers typically show up in the evening.
    • Be sure to leave yourself enough time to complete your transaction by getting there early -- especially if you need to take an exam.
  • The days immediately before and after holidays.
  • The first and last days of the month.

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