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Renewing a Vehicle Registration in Iowa

Renew Iowa Vehicle Registration

You can renew your Iowa vehicle registration up to one month before or after the expiration date without incurring a late fee. However, you can still be ticketed if you have not fixed your renewal sticker to your license plate by the “enforcement date” printed on your renewal.

Renew your Iowa registration one of the following ways:

Renew Iowa Registration Online

Many county treasuries in Iowa allow you to renew your vehicle registration online for an additional service fee, which is calculated at the end of your transaction.

You will need to provide your:

  • License plate number.
  • Renewal Web PIN number (find this on your renewal notice) OR your audit number (found on your registration card).
  • Credit card info or an electronic check for payment.

If your county does not offer online registration renewal, or if you prefer not to process the transaction online, you can renew your Iowa tags by mail or in person.

Renew Iowa Registration by Mail or In Person

Your renewal notice contains information and instructions regarding how to complete your registration renewal.

You can renew your registration by mail by:

  • Writing a check for the specified renewal fee. Make checks payable to the name listed on your renewal notice.
  • Including the renewal notice in the envelope with your check.
  • Mailing it to the address provided with the renewal notice.

If you prefer, you can bring payment and your renewal notice or registration card to your local county treasurer’s office in person to renew your registration.

Iowa Registration Renewal Fees

Your renewal fee is printed on your renewal notice. If you renew your registration more than 1 month after it expires, you’ll be charged an additional 5% of the renewal fee each month you fail to renew (minimum $5 per month).