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New York DMV Introduces Online Pre-Screening Tool for Non-Driver ID Card Applications

Albany, New York, USA at the New York State Capitol at dusk.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has launched an online pre-screening service to streamline the process for residents applying for a non-driver ID card. This initiative aims to ensure applicants can complete the process in a single DMV office visit.


New York State residents seeking a non-driver ID card have a new tool at their disposal. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has rolled out an online pre-screening service, designed to help applicants determine their eligibility and understand the necessary documentation they need to present during their DMV visit.

DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder commented on the initiative, stating, “Non-driver IDs are extremely helpful forms of identification for all kinds of people in New York State who do not drive, and now we are making it even easier to get one.” He emphasized that the new service is a part of the DMV's broader strategy to enhance customer experience, with the ultimate goal being a ‘one visit and done’ approach. Schroeder added, “Nearly every New Yorker relies on the DMV at some point, so we are focused on simplifying how we do business.”

To utilize the pre-screening tool, customers will need an ID. Once they've determined their eligibility and gathered the necessary documents, they can schedule a reservation at their local DMV office. The tool aims to ensure that every customer is well-prepared for their visit, minimizing potential delays and multiple trips.

It's important to note that any individual, regardless of age, with lawful status in the U.S. is eligible for a non-driver ID card. While applicants must visit a NYS DMV office to apply, they will initially receive a temporary non-photo document. The permanent ID will be mailed to them at a later date.

Furthermore, this might be an opportune moment for state residents to consider upgrading their non-driver ID card to a REAL ID or an Enhanced ID. The Federal Department of Homeland Security has extended the REAL ID enforcement deadline to May 7, 2025. After this date, all air travelers aged 18 and above will require a REAL ID or a REAL ID-compliant document, such as an Enhanced License or a US passport, for domestic flights and access to specific federal buildings.

For more information about the services offered by the NYS DMV, residents can visit the official DMV website or engage with the DMV on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.