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Oklahoma Driver’s License Renewal

Renew Oklahoma Driver’s License

Oklahoma drivers are required to possess a valid driver’s license while driving and other OK residents may need a non-driver’s ID for a variety of reasons.

You can renew your license or ID up to 1 year before and after expiration. 

There are a few different ways to renew a license or ID: 

  • Online.
  • In person.

If you wish to apply for a REAL ID for the first time, you must visit a licensing office in person and provide additional documentation.

Renew OK Driver’s License Online

Most OK residents can renew their non-commercial driver’s license or non-driver ID through the OK Department of Public Safety (DPS) website.

To renew online, you must:

  1. Visit the DPS online portal.
  2. Login to your DPS account. If you do NOT have an account already, you can create one by providing an email address.
  3. Provide the requested information. This may require your:
    • Birthdate.
    • ID or license number.
    • Social security number (SSN).
  4. Pay the applicable fee.

Renew Oklahoma License or ID in Person

To renew an OK ID or license in person, visit a DPS office and:

  • Provide your current driver’s license or ID.
  • Pass a vision test (if required).
  • Provide your medical certification (may be required for certain commercial drivers).
  • Pay the required license or ID renewal fee.

OK License and ID Renewal Fees

  • License renewal: $38.50.
  • License renewal for 62-year-old drivers: $21.25.
  • License renewal for 63-year-old drivers: $17.50.
  • License renewal for 64-year-old drivers: $13.75.
  • License renewal for drivers that are 65 years old and older:
  • Non-driver ID: $25.