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KYTC Appointments In Kentucky

Kentucky DMV Appointments

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet allows customers to schedule appointments in advance to spend less time in line at Driver Licensing Regional Offices. Make your appointment by: 

Going to Driver License Office In Person

  1. Visiting the online portal.
  2. Choosing a Driver Licensing Regional Office.
  3. Selecting a date and time for your appointment.
  4. Providing your contact information.
  5. Confirming your appointment.

REAL ID Appointment Requirements

Vehicle Registrations Appointment Requirements

Kentucky Drivers License Appointment Requirements

Find a DMV Near Me

KY DMV Online Services

  • Renew a vehicle registration.
  • Purchase driving records.
  • Upload required commercial driver licensing (CDL) documents.
  • Take online licensing classes.

Best Times to Visit Kentucky Driver Licensing Regional Offices

If visiting a driver licensing office is unavailable, you can save time by avoiding:

  • Mondays and Fridays.
  • The first and last days of the month.
  • The days immediately before and after national holidays.
  • The lunch and evening hours. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete your transaction.