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Arizona Driver’s License Renewal

Renew Arizona Driver’s License

There are many reasons why Arizona residents need to keep a valid driver’s license or ID. AZ is unique in that licenses don’t expire until an individual turns 65 years old. However, you need to take an updated photo every 12 years.

To renew your ID, you’ll have to visit your local Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) office. The MVD recommends applying for a Travel ID when you renew.

You may be asked to present your current license or ID upon renewal and take a vision exam.

AZ License Renewal Fees

  • Non-driver ID (64 years old and younger): $12.
  • Non-driver ID (65 years old and older):
  • License renewal (50 years old and older): $25.
  • Student or military license: $10.
  • Travel ID: $25.