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Virginians Can Now Include Blood Type on Driver's License or ID

Blood Type

In a move to provide crucial information during emergencies, Virginians now have the option to include their blood type on their driver's license or ID. The new provision is intended to assist first responders when every second counts.

Key Details

  • Availability: The option is available online at and in person at any Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) customer service center.
  • Applicability: Virginians can choose to indicate their blood type when renewing or replacing their license or ID. First-time applicants must visit a customer service center in person.
  • Optional: Including the blood type on the license or ID is not mandatory.
  • Self-certification: No proof is required, but individuals are responsible for ensuring the correct blood type is listed.
  • Display: The blood type will be shown in a small icon on the front of the license or ID.

Potential Benefits

For Individuals

The initiative provides a means for Virginians to always carry essential medical information with them. DMV Commissioner Gerald Lackey emphasized the vital role this could play, saying, "The law was intended to aid individuals and first responders when every second counts in an emergency."

For First Responders

Including blood type on a driver's license or ID could save precious time during medical emergencies by offering immediate access to this crucial information.

Additional Options

Besides blood type, Virginians can also indicate their willingness to be an organ donor and veteran status and list important medical indicators on their driver's license or ID.

Legislative Background

The provision comes as part of Senate Bill 345, introduced by Sen. George L. Barker. It reflects an ongoing commitment to enhancing public safety measures and providing residents with practical options to support emergency response.

Introducing the option to include blood type on driver's licenses and IDs in Virginia represents a thoughtful innovation with potentially life-saving implications. While participation is voluntary, the option offers both personal benefits and support for emergency personnel, emphasizing personal choice and responsibility. By providing this information, Virginians may contribute to quicker response times and more tailored care in emergencies. The DMV encourages Virginians to take advantage of this new provision, reflecting its dedication to serving the state's residents in versatile and meaningful ways.