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The Springfield, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Facility Has Been Moved to a New Location

If you live in or around Springfield, New Jersey, it's important to be aware of the Motor Vehicle Commission's recent decision to move their nearest facility to a new location. The new motor vehicle center is now located at 271 Route 22 East, and it's within the Springfield Plaza Strip Mall. The facility has been open since February 28th of this year.

What Does the New Facility Offer?

The new facility offers the same services as the old one, and this includes license transactions and renewals. In addition, you'll be able to renew registrations and change your license plates. Furthermore, the new facility offers both title and registration replacement.

What Has Changed?

The new facility is approximately 21% larger than the old one, and it features a total area of 6,800 square feet. Unlike the old facility, it offers free parking. It also has 30% more customer service windows than the old location, and there are 33% more windows for ID checks.

Overall, it's designed to maximize efficiency. This translates to shorter wait times and a better experience for drivers.

How Long Did the Transition to the New Facility Take?

The transition was completed in a little over a week. The old facility closed on February 19th, and the new one opened on February 28th. In order to accommodate drivers who needed to visit a local MVC location during the transition period, a mobile unit from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission offered services at the Springfield Pool on February 24th. However, capacity was limited, and pre-registration was required online.

Are MVC Services Offered Online in New Jersey?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) does offer services online. In fact, you'll be able to renew your license, order new license plates, and get replacements for your title or registration on the NJMVC website.
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