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Tama County Improves Its Driver's Appointment Scheduling System with Online Booking

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Tama County's Treasurer, Amanda Kriegel, has announced that driver's license customers can start scheduling appointments online. It is now possible to schedule an appointment online by visiting the county's website or the Treasurer's Association's official site in Iowa State County.

Since 2020, driver's license customers have been making appointments by call or person. The appointment-based service was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect driver's license customers' health. The customers had a lot of positive things to say about the new service, and as a result, the Iowa Department of Transportation made the process permanent throughout the state.

Some of the service centers that the Iowa Department of Transportation runs have already made it possible for customers to make online driver's license appointment scheduling. For instance, areas with high populations, like Waterloo, Marshalltown, and Cedar Rapids, can visit the website and book an appointment. However, customers in other areas, like the Toledo county office, still have to make appointments in person or by phone. Online booking has become crucial as it increases convenience and keeps the department prepared in the event of another epidemic.

No Wait Inside is the company that entered into a contract with Tama County to offer the online scheduling service in early September. The federal pandemic funds will settle the two-year contract worth $3,600. The service also sends text messages to confirm or remind customers about their appointment. Despite the shift to an online appointment scheduling system in Tama County, customers seeking other services such as renewals, driver tests, knowledge tests, and updating addresses have to call or visit the office to schedule an appointment.

Furthermore, Iowan residents must adhere to the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) instructions concerning the Real ID process by May 3, 2023. Airline travelers passing through TSA security stops at airports should have the Real ID indicator on driver's licenses and identification cards. This also applies to people going into some federal offices or facilities with security points, such as military bases and nuclear facilities. The Real ID marked card is issued at any driver's license issuing location in Iowa.