Robinson Driver Services Facility Closes to Make Way for Larger Facility

The Illinois Secretary of State recently announced the closure of the Robinson Driver Services facility. Located at 1321 E. Mainstreet, the facility's last day was on February 24th. A new facility will be opening on March 1. Located at 300 W. Main Street in Robinson, this new facility will be much larger at 2,000 square feet. This is an addition of nearly 800 square feet from the previous facility.
Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State, noted the facility's convenient location and larger size. She feels the increase in size and the new location will allow it to better serve the surrounding community.

White and the building's landlord have been working diligently to make modifications to the building to increase efficiency and traffic flow within the building. The new landlord will be in charge of the modifications and are standard at all new sites for services facilities. The lease for the building extends for 10 years.

To accommodate for the old building's closure, While pushed back expiration dates for driver's license and ID cards to March 31, 2022. Those with commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) or CDL learner's permits do not qualify for the extension.

For individuals who need access to a facility right away, there are a few other options to visit. These buildings can be conveniently accessed until the opening of the new facility on Tuesday, March 1.

  • 1305 State St. in Lawrenceville
  • 444 S Willow St. in Effingham
  • 1302 S West St. in Olney
by admin on May 02, 2022