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Oklahoma Considers Biennial Vehicle Registration Bill to Save Time and Increase Convenience

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A vehicle registration bill is making its way to the Oklahoma State House, which could change the frequency with which Oklahomans must register their vehicles. House Bill 2011, authored by Republican Rep. Dean Davis of Broken Arrow, proposes to allow drivers to register their vehicles every two years instead of the current annual requirement. The legislation aims to save time and create more convenience for vehicle owners in the state.

The bill was passed by a committee on Tuesday and now awaits consideration by the full House Appropriations and Budget Committee. If approved, the new law would apply to all vehicles other than manufactured homes, those with permanent non-expiring license plates, and certain commercial vehicles registered pursuant to an installment plan.

"This is a common-sense approach that will save the average Oklahoman time and create greater convenience when having to renew their personal vehicle registration," said Rep. Davis. "We've taken steps in recent years to ease this process, and this is just a continuation of those efforts."

The bill instructs Service Oklahoma, a state agency responsible for vehicle registration, to establish rules and procedures for implementing the biennial registration option. The new registration process would potentially reduce the workload for the agency and streamline the registration experience for Oklahomans.

House Bill 2011 has received support from lawmakers who view it as a practical measure to alleviate the burden of annual registration. If it passes the House Appropriations and Budget Committee, it will move forward to the full House for further consideration and a possible vote.