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Ohio Truck Drivers to Benefit from New CDL Enhancements Announced by Lt. Governor Husted

Ohio BMV Modern CDL Test Requirements
Image provided by the Ohio BMV

(DAYTON, Ohio)— A trio of modernizations for Ohio's truck drivers aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining and renewing a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) were announced today by Lt. Governor Jon Husted, also the Director of InnovateOhio. The improvements, designed in collaboration between InnovateOhio and the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), are geared towards reducing the bureaucratic hurdles for truck drivers without compromising on the licensing standards.

Speaking at a press conference at ABF Freight in Dayton, alongside representatives from the Ohio BMV, the Ohio Trucking Association, and Ohio Teamsters, Lt. Governor Husted underscored Ohio's pivotal role in the nation's manufacturing and logistics sectors. "Ohio is the heart of manufacturing and logistics in the country," said Husted. “Our aim is to make Ohio the most favorable state for truck drivers to live, work, and raise a family, and these technological upgrades are a stride towards alleviating compliance hurdles for truckers.”

The three notable CDL improvements include:

  1. CDL Online Renewal: Starting October 2023, an online renewal system for CDLs will be operational, akin to the existing online renewal platform for regular driver's licenses. This feature will eliminate the need for truck drivers to visit deputy registrar locations, allowing them to renew their licenses online and receive the updated license via mail.

  2. CDL Testing Modernization: The CDL testing procedure has been revamped to include real-world scenarios ensuring that the aspirants are well-versed with modern vehicles and requisite skills crucial for safe driving. This modernization aims to streamline the CDL acquisition process, facilitating the entry of qualified truck drivers into Ohio’s workforce without diluting the essential knowledge-testing standards.

  3. Extended Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) Duration: The validity of the Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) has been doubled from six months to 12 months, providing individuals with an extended timeframe for commercial driver training. This extension will lead to cost savings as the aspirants will no longer need to renew their CLP every six months.

Ohio BMV Registrar Charlie Norman lauded these improvements as the latest in a series of BMV innovations done in tandem with InnovateOhio, citing that such modernizations have so far saved Ohioans over 4.5 million trips to deputy registrar locations and more than 500,000 hours of waiting time.

With over 388,000 active Commercial Drivers Licenses in Ohio, these modifications are expected to bolster the state's thriving trucking industry, which is projected to see a 7% job growth in major truck driving occupations by 2030. The announcement comes at a time when lists over 7,000 job openings for CDL holders in Ohio, indicating a robust demand for truck drivers in the state.

These CDL enhancements are part of a broader package aimed at augmenting Ohio BMV and InnovateOhio’s technological solutions, which include "Get in Line, Online" feature, self-service kiosks, online knowledge tests, and online driver’s license renewals. These measures collectively aim at simplifying compliance with industry requirements for Ohio’s truck drivers and trucking companies, significantly improving the ease of doing business in the state's trucking sector.

For more information about a career in the trucking industry or to apply for CDL-related jobs, interested individuals can visit or their local OhioMeansJobs center.