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New Mexico MVD Vehicle Titles Can Now Be Transferred Online

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Residents of New Mexico can now transfer vehicle titles through online services. The new service is available for the transfer of vehicle titles already licensed in New Mexico. Titling or licensing an out-of-state vehicle in New Mexico plus other transactions that need a VIN inspection must still be done in person at the MVD office.

Another new development at the Motor Vehicle Division is a separate queue on the call center line with dedicated employees for making in-office appointments. New Mexicans interested in the services are advised to call 1-888-683-4636 and select the “Make an Appointment” option. The wait time for the first two weeks of services is under a minute.

For one to use the online transfer service, the new owner is supposed to upload a scanned copy of the title, existing insurance and a New Mexico ID or license. Photocopies can’t be accepted. You may be asked to provide extra documentation for other transactions. The title document has to be signed by both the new and previous owners of the vehicle.

Documents submitted are reviewed by MVD staff. If there are no corrections or extra information needed, then the applicant will get an approval email accompanied by instructions on how to make the payment online. In case there are corrections to be done, a client will get an email. They will be required to resubmit the application with the correct details.

The service is however not available for adding or removing names to a title for lien leases or title transfers that need a VIN inspection. But people can begin paper for out-out-of-state vehicle registration on the same online page.

The Motor Vehicle Division endeavors to provide customers with a wide range of service delivery options. The department encourages customers to embrace online services. This will help address the issue of staff shortages. It will also make service delivery more efficient and convenient.