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Minnesotans Supported by Community Resources Under New 'Driver's License for All' Initiative

ST. PAUL — In a collaborative effort to simplify the application process for a driver's license or ID card under the new "Driver's License for All" law, the Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division, along with key community partners, are extending a variety of resources and services to Minnesotans.

These community organizations, including COPAL, the Immigration Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM), Minnesota Immigration Movement (MIM), and Unidos MN, have been actively engaged in preparing and guiding the affected residents through the application process under the new initiative.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Bob Jacobson acknowledged the shift in community engagement stating, “We are working with the community in a new way. We recognized that we needed to work more effectively within the community, and we've taken strides to do that with outreach, engagement sessions and partnering with organizations that work directly with our communities.”

The DVS is dedicated to making the application process more accessible, especially for non-English speakers, ensuring every driver is well-versed with road rules and can drive safely. To this end, DVS is offering multilingual forms, documents, videos, and guides on its website. Moreover, the list of acceptable document translators has been expanded to include qualified non-professionals.

Reflecting on the initiative, Eduardo Penasco, an immigration and democracy organizer for COPAL, said, “As we approach the historic date of Oct. 1, when thousands of Minnesotans' lives will be changed, we must recognize that our victories are the result of our collective strength and unwavering commitment.”

COPAL, on its part, is gearing up to establish written testing centers and continue linking community members to educational resources. Concurrently, MIM is orchestrating driver's education classes. ILCM has tirelessly worked in disseminating information to immigrant and refugee communities across Minnesota through multilingual FAQs, factsheets, and community education sessions. Unidos MN is hosting informational meetings statewide and offering application assistance.

Unidos MN Executive Director Emilia Gonzales Avalos emphasized the broader impact of the services saying, “Our service will ensure all Minnesotans have safe roads, that equity is at the center of implementation and make sure Minnesota continues to lead in our region and in the country.”

DVS and its community partners are committed to upholding the "Driver's License for All" law, striving for equity and accessibility in the provision of information and services to all Minnesotans.

For more information, resources, and multilingual videos, visit and click “DL for All."