Millions Are Renewing Their Maine Vehicle Registration With Rapid Renewal

Maine BMV Online Registration
The Rapid Renewal undertaking in Maine has now reached 2.5 million registration renewals on its online platform. The news became public in a statement released last week. Mainers and municipal officials can learn more from the Department of Secretary of State by following the instructions below.

Towns and cities in the state can participate in the program known as Rapid Renewal. It is an optional decision that the state has made available to its residents living in up to 326 towns and cities. Everyone throughout these municipalities can get their vehicle registration renewed at a motor vehicl office, town hall, or city hall if they prefer in-person rather than online registration.

His Rapid Renewal approach makes the services accessible online to people 24/7. Maine residents can take advantage of the common sense approach to improve service to the public. The state's Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, said in her statement, “We’re glad to see Mainers, and Maine towns and cities, embracing this option." Bellows added that they will continue to work to seek more options to streamline processes for the people of Maine when dealing with Maine's Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Another spokesperson added, “We know Mainers are busy with work, family, and plenty of other commitments, so they should be able to renew their vehicle registrations at their convenience,” Deputy Secretary of State Cathie Curtis made this statement. Curtis heads up the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Motor Vehicles wants to relieve the municipal staff members of any additional burdens whenever they can help, and the online process is aimed to help that end.

For more details about how towns and cities can participate, please call the Department of the Secretary of State's office at 626-8400 or send an email to [email protected].

by admin on May 05, 2022