Louisiana Changing Expiration Length of ID; Increasing Fees for Renewals

The Louisiana OMV is set to streamline the process of maintaining your identification card by raising the expiration date from four to six years.

Louisiana's OMV is set to end its four-year identification cards and replace them with six-year variants. This will reduce how often citizens have to renew their identification documents and will hopefully reduce lines at local offices.

Many OMV offices are still appointment only since the Covid-19 pandemic. Citizens can still easily renew their identification cards online. Renewing identification cards at Public Tag Agent locations is still a possibility as well. Residents of Louisiana can always schedule an appointment at their local OMV office if they prefer to renew their ID card in person.

Everyone over the age of 16 will receive the new six-year variation of ID. Those 15 and younger will have the option to get a two-year or six-year version of the card.

Some of the fees have changed too. First of all, a $15 delinquent fee is required if a driver's license or ID is more than ten days expired. However, this isn't applied to citizens who are 70 years or older. Motorcycles come with an extra fee of $12, and car driver's license come with an addition fee of $7.50. With all fees included and depending on the type of ID, residents may be looking at a total charge of $80 to $90 when they visit the OMV in the future.

by admin on May 03, 2022