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How Utah's New Law Aims to Reduce Dangerously High Speeds | DPS News

From May 4th, 2022, drivers caught at 105 mph or over will be guilty of Reckless Driving, a Class B Misdemeanor. Thus, a 150% increase in the standard fine applies to any speeding offense that exceeds 100 miles per hour.

While it is regrettable and irritating that this adjustment is necessary, it is intended to address the danger posed by people who choose to ignore their duties behind the wheel.

Driving over 100 miles per hour has resulted in nearly 12,000 ticket issuance by the Utah Highway Patrol from 2020. The authorities note that this driving is irresponsible and dangerous for everyone on the road.

There is a high risk of death from this behavior. These days, we ride in well-made vehicles with smooth acceleration and braking, provide a supremely comfortable ride, and are equipped with cutting-edge safety features.

As we drive along, we may take comfort in that the roads we are using were built with your safety in mind. However, at 100 mph, all the safety mechanisms designed to keep you safe fail, and the effects can be disastrous.

At speeds more than 100 mph, the chances of being involved in a crash grow dramatically, but the chances of surviving that crash decrease drastically. These collisions, to be apparent, are lethal, violent, and catastrophic.

Too often, the consequences reach our soldiers in the field. Especially common is the combination of high speeds with other forms of dangerous driving, such as driving while preoccupied or drinking and driving.

If you are worried that more tickets will be issued due to this new Utah law, be assured that that was not the intention. We plead with you to have a conversation with your loved ones about how they drive and whether or not they are aware of the risks associated with speeding.

Submitted by Robert James on Mon, 09/26/2022 - 13:09