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Georgia DDS - Class D to C Upgrade-Georgia Department of Driver Services

A Class D license is issued to Georgia drivers below 18 years. It is imperative to acknowledge that all Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) requires all applicants below 18 years to garner a minimum score of 15 out of a possible 20. The exam consists of basic driving instructions, rules tests, and road signs tests. Class D license is often restricted, while class C is unrestricted. For instance, you are prohibited from driving between midnight, and 6:00 am with class D.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) welcomes all teens in Georgia turning 18 years to apply for a class upgrade from D to C. DDS is proud to announce to all Georgia residents and the teens that their online services are active, reliable, and convenient. All teens seeking to upgrade their license from D to C can do so without making a trip or waiting in line at the customer service center.

Spencer R. Moore, the DDS Commissioner, said, “Using DDS Online Services or DDS 2GO is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain licensing services.” Moore further indicated that the service was curated to favor the young people who are always on the go.

Teens in Georgia can request an upgraded license on their cell phone, laptop, or tablet. DDS indicated that the request is processed and a replacement license mailed within 30-45 days.

Teens who choose the remote services are eligible for a $5.00 discount and no additional charges. All teens in Georgia are requested to create a DDS Online Account by visiting the DDS website. All the online services on the website can be done at your convenience, 24/7. You will further be receiving alerts on your device if you download DDS 2 GO, a free mobile app. These alerts will prevent unnecessary license suspension and fraud, and identity theft.

All customers in Georgia are encouraged to use DDS Online Services at their website or download the mobile app called DDS 2 GO for more efficient, fast, and convenient services.
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